Andrew Garfield Shares That He Isn't His Favourite Actor Who Has Played Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield Reveals His Favourite Spider-Man & It’s Not Him(Photo Credit: wikimedia)

Andrew Garfield says he isn’t the best actor to have played Spider-Man as he reveals his favourite performer of the superhero. Garfield has been making the news a lot recently, as the rumours of him and the former Spidey, Tobey Maguire, being in the latest film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, alongside Tom Holland, has created a buzz.

Even though the actor has denied this, fans still speculate to see Garfield and Maguire in the movie. A new trailer of the upcoming film was released, and though it did not feature either of the actors, some people think that there was another spidey superhero, other than Tom Holland.



Other than this, Andrew Garfield is also hitting the headlines for his latest performance in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Netflix musical Tick, Tick… Boom! Meanwhile, during an interview with GQ, The Amazing Spider-Man actor went undercover online and replied to fan tweets. There was one particular tweet that caught the attention of the actor.

It read that Tobey Maguire was better at playing Peter Parker than Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield was better at playing Spider-Man, and Tom Holland was a good mix of both. To this Garfield said that Maguire is his favourite because he was his childhood. The actor said, “Cool, man. Fine. Whatever. Like, cool. That’s your opinion, bro. Climb a tree. Tobey’s my favourite, right? Cuz that’s my childhood…”

He also talked about how he and his friend would watch the 2002 Spider-Man film back to back three times. They would quote the lines together, and that his friend even told him “you’ll never play Spider-Man.”

“I think I watched the first Spider-Man film back to back like three times with my friend Terry… And we were just incredibly high, and we would, like, do the lines to each other, and he was just cracking up in my face saying, “you’ll never play Spider-Man.” And now, Sam, here we are,” Andrew Garfield said.

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