Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Old Video Of Reacting Differently On Same Situation Goes Viral
This Old Video Of Johnny Depp Maintaining His Calm & Amber Heard Throwing Attitude In The Same Situation Has Resurfaced On The Internet ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation lawsuit changed the actors’ lives forever. It all started when the actress accused her ex-husband of assault, and his reputation was ruined remarkably. It impacted his image and his career in a magnificent way. He fought back and, years later, was proven innocent. Throughout the ordeal, the actor regained his respect in the public’s eye, and it would not be wrong to say that the decision made Amber quite infamous.

Now, the fans cannot stop reading between the lines and comparing the two in a minuscule manner. Case in point: an old video of the two during an interview when one was calm and humble and the other, well, not so much. To know who’s who, scroll on!

In an edited video clip shared by a YouTube page TMzey555, Johnny Depp can be seen giving an interview where there’s too much noise in the background. The hosts asked the actor, “Were satisfied with the way it put you on the map? You came off that show, are you coming out a s*x teen idol? Are you pleased with that image that’s built around you now?” The actor politely ignored all the background ruckus and said, “Well, not necessarily the s*x symbol teen idol stuff. That’s not my goal. If it happens in the interim, it’s fine. I’m glad people see me that way but I don’t see myself that way. I’m happy it put me in the map if people got something from it.”

In contrast, the other part of the video showed Amber Heard, whose attitude had a stark difference from that of Johnny Depp. The interviewer asked, “What kind of resonated with you when you read it that you wanted to do it?” The Aquaman actress started, “You know, it’s so important…” But she paused mid-way, and aggressively called her staff and said, “Courtney, I can’t, I really can’t do this if people are coming in and out of the door!”

The users mercilessly trolled Amber Heard and wrote in the comment section –

“She acted as if she was the bigger star in that relationship.”

One made a reference to one of the most scandalous details of the Depp vs Heard case when it was alleged that she took a dump on her ex-husband’s bed and wrote, “Courtney, I can’t poop on the bed if people keep coming in & out the door.”

“Shut up, ur lucky you got an interview”

“Those are the things you need to observe. Take her to the restaurant and watch how she treats waiters.”

“The cool thing about this dude is that he has never changed who he is.”

“No one knew who the HELL she was until Johnny Depp!!! Also, he’s so humble. Has a good heart, it seems.”

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