Chris Evans Said Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Suit "Slips On & Off Pretty Easily"
Chris Evans Once Embarrassed Scarlett Johansson As He Made A Comment On Black Widow Suit (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are the founding members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they have shared their comradery even off-screen. As their characters of Captain America and Black Widow have been widely popular among the fans, the actors have been seen pulling each other’s legs on various occasions. Showing their friendship at its best, Evans once embarrassed his friend, which left her shocked as he dropped the joke.

Through the evolution of their characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the friendship between Chris and Scarlett has been quite evident. The superhero fandom also believes that both of them have an off-screen relationship that they have always denied.

During the Captain America: The Winter Soldier promotion, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson were present at the Comic-Con 2013 event. While interacting with the media, they were asked how do they maintain to get into the superhero shape and if they got a break. As the Black Widow actress begins to answer, Evans interrupts and says, “Scarlet is always in superhero shape. Don’t let her tell you anything otherwise. That black widow suit slips on and off pretty easily”

As the Captain America actor Chris Evans left Johansson embarrassed, she chuckles and says, “Don’t tell people that.” Watch the video of the interaction below!

Throughout the decades of friendship, both of them have been prominent figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both of them have always echoed the same sentiments as Scarlett Johannson once revealed that she’s been close with Evans since the two worked on The Perfect Score when she was 17.

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans have one of those Hollywood friendships that everyone could just dream of. While many of them admired the great chemistry between them, rumours have swirled that Johansson and Evans dated. However, both the MCU co-stars have defied the odds and have always kept their relationship strictly platonic.

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