When Antonio Banderas Shared He Could Not Put His Hands On Angelina Jolie While Making Love On-Screen
When Antonio Banderas Revealed Why He Could Not Touch Angelina Jolie During Their S*x Scene (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Angelina Jolie has never been shy of doing bold scenes on camera. From filming steamy intimate scenes with co-stars to flaunting her beautiful body with confidence, the actress has done it all. The diva owns her character every single time and does it with ease and grace. But there was one instance with Antonio Banderas in Original Sin when he could not touch the actress during their love scene.

Banderas and Jolie starred together in the erotic thriller Original Sin, which has plenty of explicit scenes. But both the actors wanted their shots in the movie different and special. Scroll on to learn more.

While talking to Cinema, Antonio Banderas talked about what he had in mind while shooting the love scene with Angelina Jolie and said, “It’s just not being afraid of our bodies, I guess. The love scene – because there’s only one love scene in the movie – was shot in a couple of hours, no more than that. I figure we did no more than three takes. We didn’t want to do that kind of love scene in which it doesn’t show anything, but it looks very stylish.”

That was the original plan, yes. But while talking to Daily Mail once, Antonio Banderas said, “Doing a s*x scene with Angelina Jolie was the same as doing a scene where I have to fall off a horse. You have to make it look real, but it just isn’t. We had to do a very intense s*x scene in Original Sin, but, of course, it’s nothing like the way it looks on screen.”

Interestingly, the actor could not place his hands on Jolie and said, “I couldn’t touch her because she had tattoos everywhere, and they had to be covered with make-up, so I had to try not to dislodge it. And when there are 150 guys around you and every 20 seconds they shout ‘Cut’ and then mess with your hair and the positioning of your arms, it’s not s*xy at all.”

That’s one hell of a story!

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