An AI-Generated Drake & The Weeknd’s Viral Song Submitted To Grammys Gets Dubbed As A Disgrace By The Netizens
An AI-Generated Drake & The Weeknd’s Viral Song Submitted To Grammys Gets Dubbed As A Disgrace By The Netizens (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The Internet is worried that Artificial Intelligence (AI) may soon take all the jobs. It partially seems to be coming true after an AI-generated song was submitted for a Grammy. And, it is just not a random song. The track mimics the vocals of hip-hop heavyweight Drake and R&B star The Weeknd. This quickly sparked a controversy as social media users slammed the idea while also getting worried about the future of AI. Scroll down to know the scoop.

For the unversed, Drake and The Weeknd earlier protested against the Grammys and now, their AI-generated track scoring a nod for the same is no less than an irony. On the personal front, Drake recently made news after showing off a collection of bras thrown at him during his concerts.

Speaking of the controversy, according to NY Times, an anonymous artist called Ghostwriter recently dropped a song titled Heart on My Sleeve which quickly went viral. The song features the AI-generated vocals of Drake and The Weeknd and interestingly, they have nothing to do with the song. Things got a bit ugly on the Internet after Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr told the publication, “it’s absolutely eligible because it was written by a human.” The song has been submitted in the Best Rap Song and Song of the Year categories, respectively.

Take a look:

The lyrics of the AI-generated track have been going viral where Drake raps, “Coming in with my ex, like Selena [Gomez] to flex/ Bumping Justin Bieber” and soon The Weeknd joins to croon, “Got these pearls on my neck/ Got these girls on my check.”

The track featuring Drake and The Weeknd was earlier released on YouTube and other music streaming platforms but was soon taken down. However, Heart on My Sleeve was later re-uploaded and streamed by unofficial third parties.

Social media users did not waste any time in reacting to the song. One person said, “They stole their voices to make a song and thinks it’s eligible.” Another person stated, “They should both sue for their likeness being used without their consent.” The next one commented, “This is a disgrace labels and artists should speak out against it.”

An individual tweeted, “MIND YOU they BOTH have been consistently protesting against the Grammys,” as another chimed in, “Imagine being an artist and an AI song with your voice wins a grammy before you ever do.”

One user claimed, “Machines will run the world,” as another quipped, “AI taking all jobs, it doesn’t discriminate!” Meanwhile, a user concluded, “Glad to know I can get a grammy by stealing someone voice and doing some lyrics.”

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