Ethan Hawke Is set To Play Batman In Batwheels
Batwheels To Have Ethan Hawke Turn Batman(Pic Credit: Instagram/ethanhawke)


One of the most awaited movies that are taking a long walk in the release lobby is Robert Pattinson’s debut Marvel flick, The Batman. While the Gotham saviour is a character that everyone across the globe loves and its popularity is immense. One cannot deny DC will try to juice out more of this lucrative franchise. So entering the league now is another Cape Crusader and wait, Ethan Hawke is embodying him. Not just that, there are more twists.

Warner Bros Kids & Family are making sure they make their main properties inclusive and available for kids too. In that case, we must also expect Batman to teach kids the importance of friendship, confidence and a lot more. So while we speak, Ethan Hawke has stepped in to teach the munchkins that, as he is the voice for Batwheels, an animated Batman-related show. Below is all you need to know about this most exciting update of the day.


Batwheels, structured to emphasise friendships, the power of team playing and standing tall and confident in your actions, will showcase human heroes and their awesome Batmobiles. While Ethan Hawke’s Batman will be playing a pivotal part, he won’t be the lead. Rather he will be the guiding force, a mentor of sorts.

As per a We Got This Covered report, the synopsis for Batwheels reads, “They are a team of incredible crimefighters who have banded together to oppose evil, combat crime and clean up the streets of Gotham City. They are…okay, they’re NOT Batman and Robin. They’re the Batwheels – an awesome group of sentient super-powered crime-fighting vehicles defending Gotham City alongside Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and a host of DC Super Heroes. Having just been created by the Batcomputer, our heroes are essentially kids with little to no life experience.”

“Led by Bam (The Batmobile), the Batwheels – Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Redbird (Robin’s Sports Car), The Batwing and Buff (The Bat Truck) – must navigate the growing pains of being a newly formed super team as well as the growing pains that come with just being a kid. This relatable and aspirational series will follow the journey of this dynamic team as they thrill and entertain with their heroic adventures as well as demonstrate to kids the value of self-confidence, friendship, and teamwork.”

The release date for Batwheels is yet to be confirmed.

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