Robert Pattinson’s Salary For The Batman Revealed
The Batman Stars Robert Pattinson & Is Directed By Matt Reeves ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The DCEU, in its exciting lineup for the coming years, is setting the base for many things, and one of the most anticipated things out of all this is definitely Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. The first of a trilogy, the Cape Crusader saga is being directed by Matt Reeves and is a darker take at young days of the Gotham Saviour. While a lot in Pattinson’s career depend on this big break that will put him up there in the league of big stars, his salary for the flick doesn’t promise stars.

The Batman that is vouched to be a darker tale than ever is one that initially was planned for Ben Affleck, and was going to be his solo flick. But destiny had different plans, and years later Matt Reeves was assigned to take the plan ahead, and he took Robert in the entourage. The movie will take place in the lanes of Gotham when Cape Crusader had just begun his journey as the saviour.



The film has been in the news for various reasons. A lot has been said about The Batman and speculations about Robert Pattinson’s involvement are at their peak. What is making noise now is Robert’s salary, and while it does justify that this is the first in trilogy and there is more to come, it is still way lesser than his contemporaries. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per a Variety report that has analysed the business in Hollywood amid the pandemic. It also lists down the salaries of the biggest of the stars including that of Chris Hemsworth. Talking about how much Robert Pattinson has earned for The Batman, the report mentions a figure of $3 Million. There are no details if this is all or there are things to be added. If things are considered, the Matt Reeves directorial is the first in trilogy, Robert’s paycheck will only get heavier.

Meanwhile, it is not just The Batman that is bringing money for Robert Pattinson, the actor has also signed a first look deal with Warner Bros. Announcing the same in a statement in the past, he has said, “Warner Bros Pictures and HBO have always been synonymous with groundbreaking filmmaking. I’m thrilled to be working with them to discover the most exciting new voices in film and television and help bring their visions to life. I’ve loved working with the studio over the years and have so much respect for their dedication, their willingness to take chances and their desire to push the envelope creatively.”

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