After Henry Cavill’s Exit As Superman, James Gunn Might Bring Brainiac In The DCU
After Henry Cavill’s Exit As Superman, James Gunn’s New ‘Superman: Legacy’ To Bring A New DC Villain? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still/Poster )

Henry Cavill, leaving the DCU as Superman, shocked the superhero fandom. Being one of the most loved superheroes characters of all time, the fans could not see a proper send-off of the Man of Steel. However, as James Gunn is rebooting the franchise with ‘Superman: Legacy’, he could use one of the major DC villains from the comics he already teased on social media. Does that ring any bell? Read on ahead to find out!

The new DC bosses, James and Peter, faced a lot of backlash after announcing that they would be rebooting the beloved Superman in the new DCU. However, it was also announced that DC’s new boss James Gunn is writing the story with a young actor aged 25 to 30. While nothing much is made official about the movie, it is speculated that Brainiac, who’s the biggest Superman villain, could show up in the movie.

A Twitter post by James Gunn had several DC characters, which consisted of both heroic and villainous. While replying to fans’ comments, the DC Boss teased that at least half of them would be coming to the DCU in the near future. However, he did not confirm which one would be coming to the slate. Brainiac was one of the characters from the post, and his chances of appearing in the DC Universe soon are a little high.

In the comics, Brainiac is one of Superman’s main villains vexing him through genius intellect in a way even Lex Luthor can’t. However, he failed to appear in any of Superman’s previous movies, which has only increased fan demand. Considering the new shakeup, he might finally make his DCU appearance taking on the new Superman.

After Henry Cavill’s Exit As Superman, James Gunn Might Bring Brainiac In The DCU

Adding to the list of Superman villains besides Lex Luthor, Doomsday or General Zod in the DC movies, Brainiac hasn’t been in any of the Superman movies. However, he was reportedly going to be the villain in an unmade script for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2.

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