Zack Snyder Triggers Chaos With His Henry Cavill’s Superman Post
Henry Cavill Entered DCU With Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; Movie Poster )

Whatever Zack Snyder is doing on his Twitter handle right now is a very massive tease that we almost know nothing about other than the fact that it has something to do with his SnyderVerse. It is now day two of Zack triggering the Internet, and fans going crazy to know what exactly is the former DCU director is trying to say with the posts. The latest post features Henry Cavill and has much more written over it than the Darkseid video. We are now all together, confused about what this means.

For the unversed, if there are any by now, Zack is no longer actively associated with the DCU and has no future in sight for his very famous SnyderVerse. The filmmaker made is DCU debut back in 2013 with Man Of Steel, that marked the entry of Henry Cavill into the world of superheroes as Superman. The two are now both unceremoniously removed from the newly formed lineup.

Turns out now Zack Snyder has decided to do something interesting around his SnyderVerse and is continuously teasing something or the other about the same. The latest post feature one of his most revered characters and actors, Henry Cavill, as Superman. Some think it has something to do about Snyder’s return, while some call it a fan event. Read on to know.

But what does the post that Zack Snyder has now shared on Vero mean? The said post has Henry Cavill as Superman on it. The creative has initials ‘MOS’, ‘BVS’, and ‘ZSJL’ written on it, presumably Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. All of which are directed by the filmmaker for DCU. While a return to DCU for Zack looks less likely, the most common purpose of these teases could be an event like Snyder hosts for his fans.

Zack Snyder Triggers Chaos With His Henry Cavill’s Superman Post

This could also be an event that marks his last association with SnyderVerse, where Zack Snyder announces the end of his era at the DCU at last. Only time will tell. Besides, James Gunn has already approached Henry Cavill to play another role in his version of the DCU, as per reports. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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