Tom Hiddleston's Blue Sweater From Loki Has Become A Topic Of Discussion Amongst Netizens
Tom Hiddleston Is Trending On Twitter Because Of His Blue Sweater Worn In Loki(Photo Credit: wikimedia)

Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, is trending on Twitter this week because of a sweater. There are a lot of things for which Marvel stars trend, and this time it’s because of a sweater, much like that of Chris Evans’ white sweater from Knives Out. The latter became a hilarious meme, with even Chris’ dog taking a part in the trend.

Evans took to his social media to post a photo of his adorable dog Dodger, wearing the Knives Out sweater. Now, it seems like Loki is giving Captain America a run of his money after his blue sweater from Hiddleston’s show goes viral.



Recently, the Marvel series on the God of Mischief finished its season 1 with a cliffhanger. Despite that, what has got the fans talking is the navy blue sweater worn by Tom Hiddleston in the third episode. Hiddleston has been noted wearing the same blue sweater for years now.

Fans are excited to know if Tom Hiddleston is going to don his now-famous blue sweater while joining Sophia Di Martino, aka Sylvie, and show’s director Kate Herron for a special “Loki: Behind the Scenes” event hosted by Royal Television Society on 2nd March. The event will throw some light on the upcoming second season of the series.

Check out netizen’s reaction to Tom’s blue sweater:

It is proven that Tom is an outfit repeater, and we love it! Meanwhile, the series is being renewed for a second season, which reportedly will go under development later this year. This means that season two won’t be out until 2023.

As of now, Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki, Owen Wilson as Agent Mobius, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer. One character whose future had been up in the air is Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie. You will have to just wait until 2nd March to know more updates regarding the second season and whether Hiddleston wears the blue sweater or not.

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