Avatar’s underwater explorations and Titanic’s sketches: 5 times James Cameron went the extra mile for his path-breaking films
Avatar’s underwater explorations and Titanic’s sketches: 5 times James Cameron went the extra mile for his path-breaking films ( Photo Credit – Movie Poster )

Labelled as the ‘Futurist’, James Cameron has caused waves in his 4-decade long career with path-breaking techniques, visionary thinking, and immense dedication to master his films. Be it Titanic, The Terminator, or Avatar (2009), James Cameron has created his own niche in filmmaking through exceptional innovations and ideas that have garnered his films 21 Oscar awards, 5 BAFTA awards, and 7 Golden Globe awards over the years. With two of his films topping the list of highest grossing films of the world of all time, here are five times James Cameron exceeded expectations to prove he’s simply one of a kind.

1. Ventured Into The Deepest Point Of The World’s Largest Ocean


James Cameron is in love with the underwater. In 2012, he became the third man in the world to reach the deepest point on Earth. Using a specially designed submarine to descend nearly seven miles to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, an area 200 miles southwest of the Pacific Island of Guam, he completed the expedition in seven hours. The film director has been an oceanography enthusiast since childhood and has made 72 deep-sea submersible dives. His upcoming magnum opus Avatar: The Way of Water set to release this December 16th heavily focuses on the underwater world and has been shot to accuracy through Cameron’s past experiences.

2. Took A 13-Year Hiatus From Films Just To Perfect Avatar: The Way Of Water


A tried, tested, and proven filmmaking genius, James Cameron is also dedicated, and patient. He waited and took a step back from filmmaking after breaking all possible box office records in 2009. Perfecting the sequel was his topmost priority. And now that the film is less than a month away from its release, fans and viewers are waiting with bated breaths for another cinematic masterpiece to unfold.

3. Shot Actual Wreckage Of Titanic For The Film

Out of the 72 deep-sea dives, James Cameron has made thirty-three of those dives to shoot the wreckage of the Titanic, the subject of his 1997 hit film. Adding the actual footage of the wreckage changed the entire treatment of the film and made Cameron amongst the most path-breaking directors of all times.

4. Perfected Three Scripts In Three Months

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cameron had mentioned that 1983 was a busy year for him, where he had taken too much on his plate. He had to rework the script of The Terminator, work on Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo sequel, and write the blockbuster Aliens. Three of the most successful action movies of the 1980s had their creative genesis at roughly the same time. Cameron spent months hopping between three desks, writing scenes at a furious rate, and eventually succeeded.

5. Created Two Path-Breaking Films Out Of His Dreams

Avatar was born from a dream that Cameron had in his high school. It was something he developed in 1994, but could only get the apt technology to produce in the late 2000s. Similarly, his blockbuster The Terminator also stemmed from a fever induced dream about a chrome skeleton emerging from a fire in Rome in 1981, which he immediately sketched the image of, with the hotel stationery.

With Avatar’s highly anticipated sequel Avatar: The Way of Water a few weeks away from its release, Cameron fans are eagerly awaiting to see what this filmmaking genius has in store for them. And given his past record, this film is on the way to break more box office records. Avatar: The Way of Water is set to release in theatres in India on December 16 in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

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