The Yellow Peephole Door Frame In FREINDS Was A Broken Experiment
Did You Know? The Yellow Peephole Door Frame In FREINDS Was A Broken Experiment(Pic Credit: IMDb, Episode Still)

The first episode of the popular American television sitcom, FRIENDS, was aired 30 years ago but the references and classic one-liners still live on inside all of us. Scores of people watched over the next 10 seasons, as the show stretched across 236 episodes until it went off the air in 2004.

Needless to say, David Crane and Marta Kauffman’s sitcom became a cultural touchstone of the 1990s. Several things from the coffee house to the orange couch became iconic. One among them was a yellow peephole frame that was hanging on the purple door of Monica Geller and Rachel Green’s Manhatten apartment.

Many FRIENDS fans would be surprised to know that the quirky frame around Monica’s apartment peephole was originally from a mirror purchased for the set. However, due to an accident, the mirror in the frame was broken.

The set designer of FRIENDS, Greg Grande recalled the incident during a conversation with The Huffington Post. He said that he bought the quirky Yellow frame from the Rose Bowl Swap Meet initially dressed it into the set as a normal picture holder that sat on a table.

He said, “I originally had it as a picture frame that had a back on it. And while we were dressing the glass in it broke and I told one of the guys, ‘Well let’s see what that frame looks like around the peephole.’ And they put it up there for me and that’s where it lived for the next 10 years. It actually was as simple as that. Kind of a funny mistake.”

The report also claims that the idea may have come from John Shaffner pushing for Grande to do something special with the door. Before the frame broke, Shaffner had been telling Grande, “Come on, Greg, what’re we going to do with the back of the door? What’re we going to do with the back of the door?” Then Grande had the broken frame and figured he might as well try it out. The rest is history.

Grande simply hung the Yellow frame on the front door, unknowingly making TV decor history.

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