Lovesutra Episode 24: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Used Erotic Books Like Fifty Shades Of Grey Spice Things Up; Read On
Lovesutra Episode 24: Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Used Erotic Books Like Fifty Shades Of Grey Spice Things Up(Photo Credit –Still/Poster From Movie)

If you’ve been married for over a few years, chances are you and your mate have fallen into a routine. Sometimes being physically adventurous isn’t enough. Ex-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard also seemingly gone through it, and they opted for erotic literature to spice things up in bed.

Emotionally, factors like the lack of variety, the fading of the newness of it all and the absence of adventure and discovery can dull the passion in a long-term couple’s s*x life. In these situations, emotionally connecting with erotica or poetry can be helpful.

Radar Online report cited a source saying, “Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have the steamiest s*x in Hollywood. [They] have added erotic literature that’s even more explicit than Fifty Shades of Grey to their repertoire. Amber introduced Johnny to some racy vintage paperbacks, and now he’s into collecting old photographic s*x books and footage from the 1950s and earlier. They’ll read passages to each other from the books to spice up their already-hot relationship.” In Lovesutra, let’s discuss if this is enjoyable for both last partners.

Although there is no proof that the couple utilised erotica to make things more exciting during their romantic time, in Lovesutra let’s talk about some people might not think it’s a bad idea. ETimes report via “Happy and Healthy S*x in Marriage” claims s*x and relationship professionals attempted to research the most prevalent s*xual trends in use among couples nowadays. A staggering 26% of those who responded listed “reading erotica together,” and 23% listed “wife watching p*rn” as their preference. Couples now frequently read erotica together following an ongoing trend.

Lovesutra: Adding spice to your s*x life can strengthen your bond with your partner and positively affect numerous positive effects on your health. Having sexual arousal with your significant other might also make you feel better. Endorphins, the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain, are released during s*x. Also, according to Needle, the hormones released during s*x may improve immunity and reduce levels of anxiety and depression. Frequent s*xual contact with your partner can increase longevity, safeguard brain function, and improve sleep. To spice up your s*x life, here are the top 4 simple methods to employ erotica.

Start a joint journal

Let your imagination run wild. You two might create an erotica journal where you would trade s*xy and passionate sweet nothings for one another. If writing is not your strong suit, draw inspiration from already published erotica or love poetry and write it down on paper.

Star in your own erotica

You can create a tale for one another and use the two of you as the main characters, either online or in a diary. Read about each other’s fantasies as you swap stories. Most likely, you’ll be excited and eager to begin.

Have phone s*x or WhatsApp s*x

Use WhatsApp, texts, or phone conversations to express your s*xual dreams and what you’d like to do with your lover if you want to make your feelings more intense. You’ll keep wanting more because you’re looking forward to doing that.

Buy your partner a book of poems

Romance plays a role in rekindling passion in addition to s*xual activity. Get a book of poetry for your partner and personalise it with a loving message. Popular choices include “Love Poems” by Pablo Neruda, “Pillow Thoughts” by Courtney Peppernell, and “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran. Also, you can download a variety of your favorite books and compile them in a unique scrapbook.

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