Anusha Dandekar Slams Trolls Backlashing Her Over Topless Photo!
Anusha Dandekar Opens Up On Being Trolled Over Topless Post ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Anusha Dandekar )

Anusha Dandekar has been doing her bit to empower women. The Television host and actress time and again motivates women to be raw and themselves. She has even recently launched her own skincare line, BrownSkin Beauty which supports the cause. Now, the actress is opening up about getting trolled over her topless photo. Read on for details!


Talking about social media trolls, Anusha in an exclusive conversation began, “They’ve actually disappeared somewhat, so that’s a good thing! The other day, I put up a picture that I thought was aesthetically very beautiful. I was ‘topless’, apparently, that’s a huge deal but when men do it, it’s fine! Anyway, no one could see anything. I don’t know what the big deal it was!”


What baffled Anusha Dandekar was the backlash coming from women. “But I’ve had an outpour of love. I will not disregard that. It was amazing, empowering. It was great to see my country grow so much in terms of how they think and feel. But I deleted it, I deleted so many and then I went on an Instagram live to rant because I was so annoyed at the backward thinking of my own species – the women, who were telling me that I was uncultured, shameless and I shouldn’t do this,” she said.

Anusha Dandekar continued, “One woman even said men are allowed to do this but women should be fully clothed. Actually, 100 of years ago, we didn’t wear clothes. We were very free with our bodies. The western culture came in and made us cover-up. I don’t know if people are confused about the history of India but they should really get educated.”

However, Anusha doesn’t care as long as all of this is leading to a positive outcome.

“But I don’t mind, it starts a conversation and as long as it makes people open their mind, that’s the end goal. Not everything has to be looked at as vulgar & slutty, let’s change our minds! Let’s look at bodies as a beautiful, aesthetic piece of art sometimes, why can’t we do that? I love my body, so who is anybody to stop me from loving what I like for myself?,” Anusha Dandekar concluded.

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