Splitsvilla X4 Winner Soundous Moufakir Praises Uorfi Javed For Breaking Stereotypes When It Comes To Fashion, Calls Her “Confident & Bold”
Splitsvilla X4 Winner Soundous Moufakir Says “You’re Doing A Good Job” As She Praises Uorfi Javed Fashion Choice, Reveals If She Would Receive Backlash For It In France [Exclusive] ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

It was this weekend that Hamid Barkzi and Soundous Moufakir defeated Defeated Justin- Sakshi S and Kashish-Akashlina to be crowned the winners of MTV Splitsvilla X4. Post winning the much-loved show, Soundous a French-Moroccan Model – who has also been part of MTV Roadies recently met us and spoke to us at length about the show, her journey there, and much more.

During our recent exclusive interaction with the Splitsvilla 14 winner, we asked the French-Moroccan beauty about the show’s mischief-maker Uorfi Javed, and what she thinks of her and her fashion sense. We also asked her her views regarding whether Uorfi’s fashion would pass in France or be looked down upon. Read on to know her response.

Sharing with us her thoughts about Uorfi Javed, Splitsvilla X4’s Soundous Moufakir said, “Okay. I think MTV has done a fabulous and very clever job by taking her as a mischievous maker because I don’t think that nobody else could have done it as well as she has done it. She is so smart, so clever, so much mastermind. She rolled the villa in such a short period of time, you know. Even as a host, when she was revealed as a mischief-maker and she came later to the show to host a couple of tasks… She like did it so well. She nailed it. So for me, it’s 10 or 10 of her being a mischief maker.”

Talking about Uorfi Javed’s fashion sense, Soundous Moufakir continued, “Judging her fashion sense… I feel that fashion sense is just like religion is something very personal. People should like not point fingers and be like this is bad, this is good, but can like it or not like it. For me, I feel that what she is doing is something that outstands from what all people do.” The Splitsvilla X4 winner added, “And especially in India, which is like a developing country, you know, where there is a lot of taboos about how you dress, how you look, you need to put on more clothes… Especially that there are a lot of religions, lots of cultures.”

She continued, “So she’s breaking that stereotype and for that, you need to be confident you need to be bold you need to be ready for the negative comments and this is what she is taking. So yeah, you’re doing a good job.”

On being asked if she feel Uorfi Javed wouldn’t have had to face so much scrutiny had she shown this fashion sense in France, Soundous Moufakir replied, “Oh, that’s, um… That’s a very smart question.” She then said, “So maybe she wouldn’t… maybe she would have been more accepted for the kind of clothes she was dressing, but she would have maybe faced other problems that she’s not facing in India. So each environment towards you (are) different you know, difficulties that you have to deal with.” “It’s not because it’s France, it’s gonna be easy. You know, I’ve been in friends and I live there and it has its own struggles,” said the Splitsvilla X4 winner.

Stay tuned to Koimoi to catch her talking about this and lots more on video.

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