Forget RRR, Ram Charan's Best Time Is Yet To Come! To Leave An Impact In Bollywood As Well: Astrological Predictions
Prediction for Ram Charan by celebrity astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Ram Charan is a multi-talented Indian actor, entrepreneur, and dancer who has captivated the hearts of millions with his magnetic performances on the big screen. Born on March 27, 1985, in Chennai, India, Ram belongs to a family of illustrious actors and filmmakers, and he has undoubtedly lived up to the legacy left by his predecessors.

Charan’s impressive acting skills, charming personality, and exceptional dancing abilities have earned him a huge fan following not just in India but across the world, especially after the massive success of RRR. He has won several prestigious awards for his outstanding contributions to the film industry, including the Nandi Award, Filmfare Award, and Santosham Best Actor Award.



In this article, renowned celebrity astrologer, Pandit Jagannath Guruji looks at Ram Charan’s horoscope and makes some astrological predictions about his future. Let’s find out what he has to say.

Ram Charan: A fiery Aries by birth

Born on March 27, 1985, Ram is a fiery Aries. Aries people are known for their boldness, confidence, and strong willpower. It is also associated with Mars, the planet of energy, drive, and ambition. These traits are evident in Ram’s personality and career choices.

In his horoscope, Mars is in the house of career, which strongly indicates success and recognition in his chosen field. The planet Jupiter, which is associated with good fortune and blessings, is also well-placed in his horoscope. This planetary combination promises to bring great success and fame to Ram.

Planetary positions for Ram Charan

Ram Charan was born with the Sun in the Pisces sign and the Moon in the Taurus sign. His ascendant is in the Sagittarius sign. The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in the Ascendant makes him a dynamic and ambitious individual. He has a strong sense of purpose and the ability to achieve his goals.

The placement of the Sun in the 11th house indicates that he will have a strong network of friends and associates. He will be successful in his endeavours and will earn fame and recognition. The Moon in the 2nd house indicates that he will be financially secure and will have a stable income.

The conjunction of Mars and Mercury in the 10th house indicates that he will be a successful actor and will achieve fame and recognition in the film industry. He will be ambitious and will work hard to achieve his goals. He will be a good communicator and will have the ability to persuade others.

The placement of Venus in the 12th house indicates that he will be interested in spirituality and will have a deep understanding of the mystical and occult sciences. He will have a compassionate and charitable nature and will be inclined to help others.

Ram Charan’s future is bright and brilliant

Ram Charan’s future looks very promising, especially for the next three years and beyond. According to astrology, from the year 2022 onwards, he will enter an excellent phase in his life. The success of his recent movie RRR has contributed significantly to his career, paving the way for him to take on engaging and potential roles pan-India. The astrological forecast predicts that his bright time will continue until 2028, as his Venus and Guru are supporting him.

Ram and his wife are expecting a child, and the child is believed to bring them good luck, especially to Ram and his grandfather, Chiranjeevi. He will continue to do pan-India movies and is expected to succeed in Bollywood. However, it is suggested that he should focus more on his acting career than producing movies.

In the past, Ram faced some challenges due to the weakness of his Moon and Pluto, which affected the impact of his Bollywood debut. But now, his time looks absolutely favourable, and he is expected to do well in his career.

On a personal front, Ram Charan is predicted to be a good father, and his whole family will be equally attached. All in all, the future looks bright and promising for this multi-talented Indian actor.

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