Saie Tamhankar Talks About Pay Disparity
Saie Tamhankar Was Recently Seen In Pet Puraan Alongside Lalit Prabhakar ( Photo Credit – Saie Tamhankar / Instagram )

Talking about cross-pollination in the world of cinema, Saie Tamhankar, an actor know for her work in the Marathi industry has managed to break through into multiple industries in India including Hindi and Tamil. The actor over the years has given many prolific performances and is known for her acting chops. Most recently she was seen in Mimi in the Hindi arena, and starred in Navarasa alongside the brilliant actor Vijay Sethupati. But having a commendable body of work hasn’t decreased the pay gap for her over the years.

Saie and Lalit Prabhakar recently joined Koimoi for an exclusive conversation ahead of the release of their web series Pet Puraan. The show streams on Sony LIV, and the actor got candid about many things from her career, to her personal life being in the public eye and pay disparity. She feels it still exists and there is no solution in sight as of yet. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

In our exclusive chat when asked if the pay disparity or the gap between the genders in terms of their remunerations has decreased, Saie Tamhankar was quick to confirm that it hasn’t. She said, “No it hasn’t. It’s still there, it’s huge and I don’t like it. But you know I always on each platform and interviews discuss this but I still don’t know the solution. I am still figuring iska kya rasta hai (what’s the way to remove it).”

While Lalit Prabhakar spoke how he has worked with strong women and there has never been a disparity situation with him, he condemned it’s presence in the bigger spaces. At the same time Saie Tamhankar added, “We are sometimes also counter questioned that ‘okay, you have fashion shows, you have events, you have dance shows?’. And I am like well that’s not important. If there is pay disparity, it does exist and we should do something about it. It’s high time.”

Saie Tamhankar also spoke about Marathi content finally making it to the mainstream. She said, “It was always there. I think more eyeballs is what we actually need. We are there to strive for it, we are striving for it and people like you are content that whatever we do will reach to various people not only Marathi people and non-Maharastrians also. Because we have subtitles and now people have started watching all types of content. Cross-overs are happening and it is brilliant. Because of that the lines are blurred and it’s an amazing time to collaborate and it’s an amazing time to try new things.”

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