Bigg Boss Ott 3: Exclusive! Shivani Kumari Talks To Koimoi
Bigg Boss Ott 3: Exclusive! Shivani Kumari Reveals Her Strategies And How She Will Deal With Fights ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

It has been a week since Bigg Boss OTT 3 began, and what a whirlwind it was. The show began grandly, with Anil Kapoor taking over as the host. The show started with 16 celebrities from acting, social media, and more. One of the names that has been creating a buzz is Youtuber Shivani Kumari. From her emotional entry in the show to her honest nature and quick wit, she has also been in many skirmishes and fights. Before the Youtuber went in, we got to have an exclusive chat with Shivani, and she spoke about Anil Kapoor taking over as the host, her strategies, and so much more.

When asked about what made her say yes, she said, “I have seen Bigg Boss since childhood, from the season that included Siddharth Shukla, and I am inspired by him. When I got to know that I was invited to Bigg Boss, I didn’t think twice and said yes.” Kumari also revealed that the late Siddharth Shukla was also her favorite contestant.

Anil Kapoor taking over as the show’s host was exciting news for everyone. When asked if she imagined her meeting with Salman and what she thought of Kapoor taking over as the host, Shivani said, “I was very happy because I have watched his movies since childhood, and I am also a jhakkas like him. I am a village girl. Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor are both superstars. And I was very happy when I was told that Anil sir, who is also  jhakkas, ‘ would host the show.”

She also said that she did not get advice from any previous Bigg Boss contestants and revealed her mantra, “No, I was just told to be natural and be me. I am honest and will support the truth, which will only lead to my victory. I won’t support or be affected by lies.”

Shivani then discussed whether she intends to share her plans and strategies: “I have them, but I’ll show them in the house. I won’t reveal them here.” On dealing with situations inside the house and how she plans to deal with them, she said, “What will go out of hand? Will they shout? Then, I’ll listen and answer calmly; if they fight with me unnecessarily, I’ll fight back with the same energy.”

Shivani Kumari is a very popular YouTuber with a loyal fan base. And she is aware that having that fan base is a blessing. She spoke about whether if that is profitable in a game like this. She said, “Yes, it is. I have my own family, which are my fans who have supported me in the past and will support me again in the house. They trust me and love me, so I don’t doubt their support.”

Bigg Boss is a very big opportunity and gives everyone a big platform. Shivani concluded the conversation, revealing that she was aware and also revealed what she hopes to get from the show: “My real aide will be out in front of the world, and my villagers will be so happy and proud of me after watching me on the big screen.”

Shivani Kumari is currently a contestant on Bigg Boss OTT 3; the show streams on Jio Cinema 24/7.

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