Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani Kumari Refuses To Apologize For Pushing Contestant, Faints After Bigg Boss Punishes Her
Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani Kumari Refuses To Apologize For Pushing Contestant, Faints After Bigg Boss Punishes Her ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Every day brings new drama in the madhouse of Bigg Boss. It’s only been a week since Bigg Boss OTT 3 premiered, and just ahead of the first Weekend Ka Vaar, so much has happened. Fights and drama are the USP of Bigg Boss OTT, and there was a lot of fodder this week. After a major fight with Poulmi Das, Shivani Kumari was reprimanded by Bigg Boss himself for pushing Das. But things escalated so much that Shivani Kumari fainted, and chaos erupted in the house. Here’s what went down.

After a heated argument between Shivani Kumari & Poulomi Das, things seem to be worsening. The show is nearing the end of its first week since airing, and the makers have spared no effort to ensure constant entertainment with numerous twists and turns. The first mid-week eviction has already occurred, with boxer Neeraj Goyat being voted out by his housemates.

In the upcoming episodes, the Bigg Boss house descends into chaos as Shivani Kumari faints. Bigg Boss punishes Shivani Kumari and Ranvir Shorey for their actions, instructing them to apologize to the housemates. Ranvir accepts the punishment sportingly and performs the task, but Shivani struggles to accept it. She pleads with Bigg Boss for an alternative punishment, then starts crying and howling and eventually faints, causing concern among the housemates.

Shivani Kumari, a YouTuber from Kanpur, made a memorable entry on Bigg Boss OTT 3, becoming emotional upon seeing Anil Kapoor. The Mr. India actor was also moved to tears by her reaction.

When Shivani Kumari faints, the housemates quickly gather around her and ask Bigg Boss for medical assistance. YouTuber Armaan Malik carries Shivani to the medical room.


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It’s been quite a week for Shivani as her fights with Poulomi Das continued. Shivani Kumari, a YouTuber, and Poulomi Das, an actress, got into a heated argument after the former commented on the latter’s clothing and makeup, adding to the Bigg Boss house’s intense rivalries.

Poulomi felt that Shivani’s comment was a jab at her character and personality, so she asked for an explanation. Questioning, the actress said, “Tum jaisi ladkiyan matlab? “Is it possible to classify them?” On the other hand, Shivani didn’t hesitate to tease her, telling her that she didn’t want to talk to girls like Poulomi, who put on makeup first thing in the morning.

In another incident, Shivani Kumari even pushed Poulomi Das, resulting in her punishment. With Weekend Ka Vaar just around the corner, it will be interesting to see how Anil Kapoor deals with the chaos in the house.

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