Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock May Lead To Aliens Avoiding Earth, Says A UFO Expert
A UFO Expert Believes Aliens May Not Visit Earth After The Will Smith & Chris Rock Altercation(Photo Credit: Instagram/flickr)

If you thought Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 was crazy, we have a much crazier piece of news for you. Apparently, one UFO expert thinks that after the incident at the 94th Academy Awards, aliens might not want to visit Earth. Yes, you read that right!

For those living under a rock, the King Richard actor slapped Rock after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss condition. The internet went into a rage after the incident, with memes flowing through it. However, several people, including the Academy, didn’t like it, and now Will has resigned from it.

It turns out that it wasn’t just the celebs like Jim Carrey and Zoë Kravitz and almost everyone else who didn’t take Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at Oscars 2022 well. Our extra-terrestrial beings disliked it so much that one UFO expert believes it has caused them to avoid Earth.

According to The Mirror, Nick Pope, a former official with Britain’s Ministry of Defense, alien life forms exists and happens to watch The Independence Day actor assaulting Chris Rock. “If extraterrestrials are watching Earth – either monitoring us as part of a scientific study of emerging civilizations or maybe as reconnaissance, ahead of an alien invasion – they’ll get a lot of their information about us from our TV broadcasts,” said Pope.

“What will they make of the fiasco at this year’s Oscars ceremony? Aliens will already know Will Smith from Independence Day, where he punched out an alien and uttered the immortal line ‘welcome to Earth,'” he added.

“They’ll also know him from the Men in Black movies, so if aliens are planning an invasion, they’ll think Will Smith is often the person we put up to defend ourselves,” the UFO expert added. Whether or not this is true, one thing is for sure, Smith is facing the consequences of slapping Chris Rock at Oscars 2022. Read more about that on Koimoi!

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