Strong Girl Nam Soon Finale Teases Male-Dominated Spin-Off 'Strong Man Jang Chung Dong', Netizens Express Disappointment!
Strong Girl Nam Soon’s Finale Episode Teases New Spin-Off ‘Strong Man Jang Chung Dong’, Fans Express Disappointment!(Photo Credit –YouTube)

The ‘Strong Girl’ universe is expanding. The hit K-Drama franchise consists of two hit shows: Strong Girl Bong Soon (2017) and Strong Girl Nam Soon (2023). Just one week ahead of the Strong Girl Nam Soon finale last week, makers confirmed that a new show in the franchise is in line. Moreover, the cliffhanger in the last episode, which premiered Sunday, has fans guessing if the new installment will be an extension of Nam Soon’s world. Amid this, a new update has suggested that the Strong Girl franchise will soon expand with a male spin-off. Scroll ahead to learn more.

Strong Girl Bong Soon, starring Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, and Ji-soo, has enjoyed cult classic status among the K-fanatics. One of its kind, the popular drama was lauded for introducing a female-centric concept with the first female superhero in the history of K-dramas. While we have known angels, mermaids, and witches, watching Bong Soon practice heavy lifting and thrashing bad boys whenever she spotted one

Meanwhile, Strong Girl Nam Soon, the second installment in the Strong Girl franchise, was a powerful force to be reckoned with. Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi), who gets lost as a child in Mongolia, returns to Korea as an adult, and while in the pursuit of finding her family, she gets involved with a police officer investigating a drug case. Offering herself as bait, she then uses her ‘superpower’ to take on the drug mafia.

At the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon’s finale episode, the makers hinted at a potential male spin-off, tentatively titled Strong Man Jang Chung Dong, which may see a male actor taking the superhero legacy forward. However, netizens are not too happy with the development, as they believe the male-dominated series will defeat the purpose of the female-driven franchise.

If reports are to be believed, Geum Ji (Nam Soon’s mother) will hire an extremely powerful man who got his exceptional strength from an anomaly in the Y chromosome to take on Pavel and Nozh.

Reacting to the development, one user wrote, “Please, no more. As an avid OG strong girl bong soon fan, I can’t take any more of this #StrongGirlNamSoonEp16.”

“Strong girl gang Namsoon ended today! And are we expecting a strong man, Jang Chung Dong? HAHAHHAH,” added another user.

What are your thoughts on the Strong Girl franchise’s new male-centric spin-off, which will potentially offer a male-dominated plot? Let us know.

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