Sandra Bullock Talks About Shooting Naked Scene With Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock Starred Together In The Proposal (2009)(Photo Credit: Ryan Reynolds/Facebook;Sandra Bullock/wikimedia;Poster From The Proposal)

Both Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are actors known for having no filters when it comes to their interviews and chat show appearances. The two actors together have worked together in the past and you can guess it was a success. Sandra and Ryan worked together in the 2009 movie The Proposal that went on to earn big money at the Box Office and also brought a Golden Globe nomination for Bullock. But what actually made news from the movie was of course the naked scene.

For the unversed, The Proposal starred Betty White, Mary Steenburgen, and Craig T. Nelson, alongside Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The portion where Sandra and Ryan went naked for the camera and had a entire sequence where they bumped into each other bare bodies went on to become the talk of the town. Sandra has now decided to open up about it and reveal details of what went into the making of the scene. It is hilarious and you cannot miss this. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

As per Screenrant, Sandra Bullock, while talking about shooting the naked scene with Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal said, “We had a closed set, which means no one’s allowed to be on there, just hair and makeup coming in to fluff and hide. Ryan and I have these flesh-colored things stuck to our privates, my hair is strategically over the nipples and Ryan’s little— not little, at all! It’s just whatever’s there, and I don’t know because I didn’t see it, I didn’t look!…When they’d say cut, we couldn’t really move.”

Sandra Bullock added, “He was on his back with his knees up, and I’m on the floor just sort of resting on his knees, just waiting, and you don’t wanna look and we couldn’t really move…I hear [director] Anne Fletcher from the darkness go, ‘Ryan, we can see your ball sac!’ I’m like, ‘Oh God!’ because you wanna look down but I’m like, ‘Don’t look down. Don’t look down.’ Everyone in the darkness spun around to see if they could find a monitor. I was like, ‘Anne, there’s a way to present that information….'”

Hilarious indeed. What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information.

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