Park Hyung Sik Opens Up About His Love For Indian Food, Plans To Visit India, & Reuniting With Park Bo Young!
Park Hyung Sik Says Park Bo Young Is Still “Cute & Lovely” As He Opens Up About Reuniting With Her For Strong Girl Namsoon! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Park Hyung Sik is one of the most prominent South Korean stars and is known for his romantic dramas. From Strong Girl Do Bong Soon to Soundtrack #1, the actor has provided K-fanatics with many heartwarming shows that have no parallel. Recently, the Hallyu heartthrob ignited a fan frenzy as he returned to reprise the role of Min Min with Park Bo Young in Strong Girl Do Bong Soon’s spin-off, Strong Girl Nam-soon.

Known for his flamboyant personality and charismatic aura, Hyung Sik has been bestowed with the title of a fan favorite for over a decade. From Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth
to My Name, all the characters portrayed by him scream that he is a green flag. In fact, he even managed to pull off a likable role in The Heirs, a drama filled with toxic characters.

Recently, Park Hyung Sik, in a conversation with the Hindustan Times, addressed a score of topics, including his acting debut, what inspired him to take up acting, reuniting with Park Bo Young, and his love for butter chicken.

When asked about portraying his most-loved character, Min Hyuk, aka Min Min, along with Park Bo Young’s Bong Soon in Strong Girl Nam-soon, the actor said, “I met Park Bo-young again after a while. I felt that she was still cute and lovely, but also a more mature and deepened person. In the six years that passed, she portrayed Do Bong-soon so perfectly that it made the passage of time seem meaningless. I could journey back to the past along with her; it was truly an enjoyable time.”

Speaking about what he looks for in a project, the actor candidly shared that his next body of work always depends on the circumstances at that time; however, he is always “immersed, empathic, and entertained” while reading a script.

Opening up about his zeal to become a profound and good actor, Hyun Sik added, “Since the K-drama The Heirs, I have been learning and gaining insights. As time goes by, it seems the naturally accumulated experiences are reflected in my acting.” While Park has been a rom-com guy ever since the beginning, he now wants to explore more options and try genres like noir or fantasy, but he is open to good roles that are enjoyable.

When asked about the exponential rise of K-drama viewership in India, the actor went on to share his love for Indian food and added that he would love to visit the country someday. “I would like to visit India. If I have the opportunity, I want to go! I love Indian food, especially curry and tandoori chicken. I enjoyed watching the movie 3 Idiots,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Park Hyun Sik will next be seen in Doctor Slump, which reunites him with his The Heirs co-star Park Shin Hye.

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