DYK? Strong Girl Do Bong Soon Co-Stars Park Bo-Young & Park Hyung-Sik Did Not Date Each Other Due to This Reason!
DYK? Strong Girl Do Bong Soon Co-Stars Park Bo-Young & Park Hyung-Sik Were In Love With Each Other But Did Not Date Due To This Reason! (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Strong Girl Nam Soon, a spin-off to the 2016 drama Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, is finally here, and has opened to higher ratings than its predecessor. Lee Yoo-mi and Byeon Woo-sook, the leading pair in the sequel, have some big shoes to fill as the prequel boasted high on Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik’s adorable on-screen chemistry.

Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik made for one beautiful couple in Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, but did you know the duo was also in love with each other off-screen? In an interview, Park Hyung-sik confessed that his love for Park Bo-young was real, both on-screen and off-screen. Later, Park Bo-young also confessed her love for Park Hyung-sik, and she was always interested in him. “I had my eye on Hyung Sik when he was an idol in ZE:A. I know all of the title tracks by heart, and Hyung Sik personally quizzed me to see my knowledge of the songs,” she was quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

Several K-media reports have also suggested that the Strong Girl Do Bong Soon staff was also convinced that Bo-young and Hyung-sik were in love with each other. “They had such a sweet and natural relationship on and off screen. Many people thought the two might be dating because of how well they got along,” Top Movie Rankings quoted the south director of the drama as saying. In her interview, Park Bo-young also confessed that Hyung-sik would often make her heart beat with his antics during the filming of the drama.

Despite getting along well together and having a whole lot of love for each other, Park Hyung-sik and Park Bo-young did not officially date. While the two have not revealed why they did not explore their connection further, many believe that it was a classic case of the right person, wrong timing, as both were back then juggling multiple projects, maintaining a tight schedule to complete their professional commitments, much to the disappointed of the Bong Bong and Min Min couple. Another reason they could not date was because they came from the same lineage – Park, so, they were practically related, like cousins. But on the brighter side, the duo’s fans have every occasion to be joyous as they are set to make a cameo in the ongoing drama Strong Girl Nam Soon as a married couple.

Are you also excited to see Park Bo-young and Park Hyung-sik together on-screen again? Let us know.

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