HYBE Sues A New K-Pop Band For Allegedly Plagiarising NewJeans' Logo As The Group Subtly Hinted At That
HYBE Allegedly Sues A New K-Pop Band For Plagiarising NewJeans’ Logo, Here’s What Happened (Picture Credit: Facebook, Instagram & Wikimedia)

Though not a worldwide popular band like BLACKPINK, OKPOP is trying to carve its way into the industry as an independent, satirical K-pop band. OKPOP consists of a group of friends, including Brto, Yuuta, Smear, Hanbon, Paige, and former member Po, which enjoys a massive fanbase of about 371.5K followers on their TikTok handle. But it seems for a particular thing, they have landed into big trouble.

HYBE is a well-established entertainment company that manages a few subsidiaries, including Big Hit Music, ADOR, Source Music, and others that further work as an agency to music bands like BTS, uprising stars, and actors. Now, HYBE has made an alleged accusation against the independent music group OKPOP. Scroll ahead to read.

OKPOP, who made their debut this year in April with Take My Hand, recently disclosed their logo but got sued by the label HYBE for allegedly plagiarizing the popular girl band New Jeans’ logo. After getting sued, the band made a video and updated their fans with the recent change of events, and the clip went viral with over 5M views.

Even though they didn’t mention who sued the band, it seemed they intentionally dropped hints about HYBE by flaunting New Jeans’ Minji’s photocard. OKPOP said that they are going to change their video-game-type bear-looking logo as it seemed a parody of New Jeans’ bunny logo, but it’s still a bear.

Now, netizens are concerned about the Super Shy band. One wrote, “New Jeans’ Company Sued Y’all?” Another penned, “They weren’t super shy with that.”

A few of them found a similarity between their logo and Kanye West’s Graduation bear. A netizen commented, “Bro that’s literally the Kanye bear.”

When the band mentioned the company had sued them for $1,500,000 USD, the netizens were not happy. Many felt it was a huge sum of money, considering OKPOP is such a small band. One wrote, “HYBE is overreacting cause 1M is crazy.”

Being a satirical band, netizens think OKPOP should be shielded under copyright because they parodied K-pop groups. Some even pointed out that it can be a marketing strategy for the K-pop band.

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