When Chennai Express hit the screens, one wouldn’t have thought that a film which was nothing more than a passable entertainer had the bling to have the lifetime run of over 226 crores. Somehow, Krrish 3 too has managed to evoke the same effervescent response at the box office. Beginning off with a monstrous start of over 24 crores on its 1st day, the film has been cashing well at the fertile box office position of the week.

Though releasing on a normal Friday, the film enjoyed a brilliant extended weekend at its disposal to fare well. Earning above 20 crores everyday consistently for 4 days, the film’s income did not see a drop till its 1st Wednesday. However, with Chennai Express the case was quite different. The film’s collections boomed over the opening weekend, but the normalcy of working days and the usual weekday drop began affecting the income from its 1st Monday itself.

Krrish 3 and Chennai Express movie poster
Krrish 3 and Chennai Express movie poster

The strategic positioning of Krrish 3 has been done very intelligently. The film has come after a long breath of bad releases. The next big release at the box office won’t be before 15th November, which is when the film will begin to face the early pangs of screen crunch. For Chennai Express, the situation was more grave as by second week, it had to make way for OUATIMD, the third week for Madras Cafe & OUATIMD and by fourth week it had to accommodate Satyagraha along with Madras Cafe and OUATIMD as well. Krrish 3 is a singular overwhelming release till Ramleela and Rajjo hit the screens, following which it might have to squeeze up to make room for Singh Saab The Great and Gori Tere Pyaar Mein.

It isn’t hard to predict that the film will tread smoothly towards the 200 crore club which so far has only 2 entrants namely, Chennai Express and 3 Idiots. Given the Diwali holidays for most younger children, as well as school and college holidays till almost the second week of the month, Krrish 3 has the full fledged attention of its target audience for a while now. The lack of able competition makes it easier for the film to reach a whopping lifetime moolah over over 200 crores.

Given a systematic analysis of situations between the release situations of Chennai Express and Krrish 3, it is quite clear that the superhero flick has a solid chance of beating the lifetime moolah of Chennai Express. They both have been magnum opuses of sorts and if one maintains an objective view, Krrish 3 beating Chennai Express‘ lifetime amount isn’t an aboslutely impossible affair either. However, it is for the box office to decide if Krrish 3 manages to further the level created by SRK’s Chennai Express.

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  1. Both producers AND Box Office India give wrong figures. Box Office India does not take into account the collections from small centres and therefore gives very low figures. The producers manipulate and inflate the figures for publicity (this was clearly exposed when Balaji Motion Pictures gave 14 crores as opening day figures for OUATIMD but they forgot to pay Taran Adarsh; so trade analysts gave correct figure of 11.5 crores and BOI gave 9 crores) . The real collections will be somewhat the average of the two. So Ek Tha Tiger’s real lifetime figure will be around 192-196 crores (BOI -187, producers -199), Chennai Express around 217-222 crores (BOI – 208, producers – 227), YJHD around 183-187 crores (BOI – 179, producers – 190). Krrish 3 is 166.5 crores (producers) and around 130 crores (BOI – 123 hindi and 7 dubbed tamil and telugu). So real collections are around 147-151 crores in week 1.

  2. No. We know that Krrish3 is running alone, and there’s no other film to compete with K3 but still im sure Krrish3 will finish with a lifetime collections of 210-220cr…

  3. if u go by the figures, the prodcuers are coming up with, it should make 250 cr easily. but according to some trade sources, its got only 125 cr in the first week…not sure who to believe…a discrepancy of around 40 cr, huge!!!

    • the trade sources u r talkin about have not included its tamil and telugu version collections whereas koimoi has included them

    • Friend all of them gave right figures.
      Box office India gives figures of collections except from south, Producers show collection of worldwide and Taran Adarsh give figures of whole India. That is why Krissh 3 BO is 164 all over India, 203 world wide, and 130 something from rest of India(except south)

  4. krrish 3 will beat the lifetime collection 226cr (taran adarsh ,koimoi) of chennei express, but will not beat lifetime 209cr (boxofficeindia.com,boxofficedetails) of chennei express

  5. Now what to do
    Chennai express released on eid
    Onloy 3 days holiday
    Bu5 respect king khan and shetty together they made it 226 cr with hard competition
    And krrish 3 4000screens rs.350 to rs.450 per ticket and wow a full fleged week of holiday
    Even if krrish 3 breaks the record 3 idiots and Chennai express will rule the hearts of fans

  6. Krrish3 will not beat the record of chenai express. It will come across 215 cr. But though chennai express had to face ouatimd still it becomes ze all time blockbluster and krrish3 is running alone zats why its doing well otherwise ……….! U all know chennai express is much entertaining that krrish3.

    • abe pta bhi he kya bol rha he……..chennai express was just bullshit…….Krrish 3 to chod……..Dabangg ke aas paas bhi nhi thi……..nd i don’t know how it broke 3 idiots record…….everone knows 3 Idiots was an awsm mv…..

  7. I remember raone was diwali relese that was not a hit it finds very slow in diwali after diwali it earns its buddget but it is power of krrish that krrish3 oppening very biggets in main three days of diwali and aftwr fwstival its earning morethan any it is magic of super hero if it was an ead relese it earns two hundred in one week so the magic of krrish

  8. though i am die hard srkian,,,i will say the reality…
    all depends on 2nd week of krish and performance of ramleela….
    if ramleela goes outimd way,,,than krish 3 will cross even 240 cr mark…

  9. We know that,,,,,hritik roshan commented on his movie that “I will return back in krishh 3 at diwali!!!!!!!”And we saw in 1st week of krishh 3………it is amezing…… income ovr 225 cr!!!!!!!!!!……it’s gorgeous……..

  10. That guy X makes a very valid point. Producers are inflating the numbers for their own benefit. It is impossible to have a gap of over 30 crores (Taking into account the regional revenue) between producer and Boxoffice India numbers. It has simply been manipulated to show that Krrish 3 has broken all the records. The problem is not the Roshans here. They are only doing what they can get away with. To eliminate this problem in future, they simply need to have one central database for collections. No producer will ever give you correct figures. A dangerous precedence is being set here.

    • Thank you for understanding the problem. Producers want to show higher figures to gain publicity. But those who suffer are the distributors and exhibitors because the govt increases taxes on seeing such huge collections.

  11. well looking at the over reported collections + others collections from regional prints it should not only break CE record but also be the first film to touch 250cr!
    but if u go by BOI bollyguide BOC and some other sources collections the film may just touch 200cr!

  12. Rather discussing about loose fault we should be proud of Krrish3 n Hritwik Roshan for making a world class movie for all class of people. Its irrelevant to compare with senseless crap movies like CE. Go n njoy Krrish3 wid ur family.I watched twice till now.

  13. Hrtk’s krrish3 can break the all record of bollywood .This movie more better than chennai express (bakbas movie)

  14. For me Chennai Express is a TAMIL MOVIE but not a Hindi Movie.
    Whereas Krrish 3 is a 100% Hindi Movie.
    Shah Ruk Khan targeted Tamil Market to make his movie a hit. Because Tamil Market is very profitable. Shivaji 100crore- Robot 100crore- Viswaroopam 100crore etc only in Madras territory. Whereas Aashiqui 2- Grand Masti etc pure Hindi movie 100crore all India territories. Shah Rukh Khan uses Rajnikanth to make his Chennai Express succeed with song like Rajnikanth Style. Because he knew Rajnikanth is the king of Madras. Shah Rukh Khan Targeted EID to release Chennai Express and we all know Muslim of Bombay will support his movie.
    Krrish is a pure Hindi movie of Bollywood whereas Chennai Express is a Tollywood movie must not be counted in Bollywood box office.

  15. Well noone can beat the 400 crore gross record of ce worldwide,hritik,amir,lallu mnky etc etc craps may can conquer indian small markt but worldwide nowayyyyy,therr is only one emperor worldwide its srk.its a fact others can arguen but what to do digest the fact bas@@

  16. Chennai Express business can’t beat any film in indian film industry but unfortunatly Shahrukh is muslim and indians people like a indian heero 1st time he should be Hrithik but he has flop , now than another younger heero become to top his name of Ranbhir Kapoor wow What a cheap fmily of Kapoor’s ….. please don’t considare any other person against 3 Khan’s …they are the future and past both of indian cenima … Chennai Express All Time Block Boster ok byeeeeee

  17. Ritik is a good actor of bollywood shak ruk khan good but not compair with ritik because very diffrence between both ritik is ritik and krrish 3 is far better movie against channae express shakhruk ab ruk jao

  18. krrish 3 is best action movie i like this movie so thanks for all acters in this movie and special for the director of this movie

  19. k-3 is the best and most popular film, and really better than Chennai passenger. i have a suggestion for srk plz don’t show over acting in ur next movie.


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