Box Office - Samrat Prithviraj stays low - Tuesday updates
Samrat Prithviraj Box Office Day 5 Updates! (Pic Credit: Youtube)

Samrat Prithviraj is seeing low collections at the box office as Tuesday saw 4.25 crores been accumulated. On Monday, the collections were as it is low at 5 crores and with this Tuesday drop coming in, the trajectory over the rest of the weekdays doesn’t look too promising.


The film needed to stay in the 7-9 crores range right through the week to have a shot at the 100 crores mark. However, now it doesn’t seem like a possibility unless there is an extraordinary hold in the second weekend due to lack of competition.


Now that’s disheartening since it’s a big-budget extravaganza by Yash Raj Films and deserved a watch in theatres. However, somehow the audience interest wasn’t really generated into catching the film and that’s reflected in the collections, which basically were close to being optimal only on Sunday.

So far, the Akshay Kumar starrer has collected 48.65 crores at the box office and though 50 crores mark would be reached today, it should have ideally happened at maximum by Sunday itself.

Samrat Prithviraj will come close to the 55 crores mark by the close of week and one now waits to see the kind of distance that it manages to cover post that since now it’s all about the best that it can do from this situation.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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