Box Office - Rakshabandhan slides on Monday
Box Office – Rakshabandhan slides on Monday(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Monday was practically the last chance for Raksha Bandhan to perform and show some kind of upward movement. Unfortunately though, what happened was on the contrary as the film dropped instead of seeing an increase in numbers. The film had collected 7.05 crores on Sunday and while the signs were there that it would fail to see a double-digit score on Monday, despite the Independence day holiday, it was shocking that the numbers didn’t increase at all and instead slid all the way to 6.31 crores.



What’s even more disheartening is that these numbers are the lowest in the five-day extended weekend, when in actuality Monday should have been the highest-performing day for the film given the national holiday. Agreed that late evening and night shows were bound to be impacted since the five-day extended weekend was coming to a close. Still, the remainder of the day should have shown a better progress, something that didn’t quite happen.

Raksha Bandhan now stands at 34.47 crores and this is quite poor for the family social drama which came with very good expectations. There was a lot that went into creating awareness around the film with the promotion and marketing been apt and the release quite adequate as well. However, audiences just didn’t step in for the first couple of days and later despite a good holiday period from Saturday till Monday, there was no real interest amongst a larger population. The film is a huge theatrical flop and one now waits to see if it would touch the 50 crores mark in its lifetime.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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