Pushpa 2 1000 Crore Box Office To Give Allu Arjun A Salary Of 333+ Crore? Decoding The Revenue Sharing Model To Bust Reports, It's Still 3x Of Pushpa...
Pushpa 2 1000 Crore Box Office To Give Allu Arjun A Salary Of 333+ Crore? Decoding The Revenue Sharing Model To Bust Reports, It’s Still 3x Of Pushpa… (Picture Credit: IMDb)

“Pushpa, naam sunke flower laga? Fire hai apun!” This has to be one of the most popular Hindi dialogues to come from a South Indian film, very close to “Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyon maara?” This is all because of the enduring swag of Allu Arjun combined with the raw baritone of Shreyas Talpade. We all know Pushpa 2 is on its way, and along with it are all the rumors and reports we love to cover to keep you guys up to date.

Like any other event film, the makers of Pushpa 2 are out in the entertainment market to sell the film’s music, satellite, and OTT rights to various companies. From Netflix to Star, companies are set to bid the best amount to acquire their rights as everyone is sure of how big the movie could be.

Apart from that, the latest report that’s out about the film is about Allu Arjun’s remuneration. The Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo star was reported to be paid 35-40 crore for Pushpa: The Rise (part 1), which was released in 2021. Last year, in 2022, we heard that Allu is going to more than double that and charge in the ballpark of 100 crore. But, the news that’s coming in fresh will drop your jaws to the floor.

Just like how Allu Arjun’s character in the film always wanted to be a ‘partner,’ he has followed the same route for Pushpa: The Rule, aka Pushpa 2. According to Haricharan Pudipeddi, an entertainment journalist, he tweeted, “As per reliable sources, #AlluArjun hasn’t taken any remuneration for #Pushpa2. Instead, as per the agreement, he will take home 33 percent of the final revenue. E.g., if the film makes 1000 cr (including OTT, satellite, and theatrical collection), AA will get 33 percent.”

So, is it fair to say if a film grosses 1000 crore+, Allu Arjun would earn 333 crore+? Nope, it isn’t because that won’t be the case. Even if a star has moved on to the percentage-sharing revenue model, they’ll get that particular percentage from the ‘distributor’s share’ (which we get after deducting cinema hall rent from the Nett figure) of the total collection.

After all the deductions (pre-post production cost, Star/crew fees, etc.), if Pushpa 2 earns 1000 crore+, the distributor’s share of the film should be somewhere around 500-550 crore. This is before the tax deduction, so deduct another 100 crores (18%) for the same, and you get around 450 crore of share. Out of this amount, Allu Arjun will get 33.33% (if the news about the revenue sharing numbers is true), i.e., around 150 crore.

Before you read anything on the internet, kindly make sure to check some facts and data which would surely help you from the misleading numbers. Allu Arjun would still get a 150 crore+ remuneration for Pushpa: The Rule (Pushpa 2), three times higher than what he got for Pushpa: The Rise (Pushpa). Jaws dropped much?

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. Numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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