A Look At Leonardo DiCaprio's Highest-Rated IMDb Films & Their Box Office Collection
A Look At Leonardo DiCaprio’s Highest-Rated IMDb Films & Their Box Office Collection ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t need any introduction as he’s one of the most popular actors globally. Over the years, Leo has proved his versatility and there are ample of his characters to be remembered, but he’s most widely known for his portrayal in Titanic. The epic romance saga happens to be the actor’s biggest box office hit ever but interestingly, it is out of his top-rated films on IMDb.

For the unversed, the James Cameron directorial was originally released in 1997 and was a huge box office hit back then. Over the years, the classic cult has been re-released several times and has raked in impressive figures every time. To date, it has earned a monstrous collection of $2.264 billion globally, as per Box Office Mojo.

Despite being Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest hit and his most-loved film globally, Titanic fails to be in his top 5 highest-rated films on IMDb. You won’t believe that it is in the 8th spot. The first spot has been grabbed by Leo’s highly acclaimed, Inception. The film also has a healthy number to prove its box office mettle.

Take a look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s top-rated films on IMDb, along with their box office collection:

  • Inception (8.8) – $870.11 million
  • The Departed (8.5) – $291.48 million
  • Django Unchained (8.4) – $426.07 million
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (8.2) – $406.87 million
  • Shutter Island (8.2) – $294.80 million
  • Catch Me If You Can (8.1) – $352.11 million
  • The Revenant (8) – $532.95 million
  • Titanic (7.9) – $2.264 billion
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (7.6) – $377.61 million
  • Don’t Look Up (7.2) – Released on Netflix

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. Numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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