Box Office: Yet Another Black Friday Ahead - Why Are Filmmakers Not Releasing Their Mid-Budget Films?
Box Office: Yet Another Black Friday Ahead – Why Are Filmmakers Not Releasing Their Mid-Budget Films?

On 29th January, it would be the fifth Friday of the New Year. If last week saw the token release of Madam Chief Minister, this Friday there won’t be any new release whatsoever, big or small. This is indeed a very sad state of affairs because the response to Master, at least for the first five days, has shown that audiences are willing to step out of home and make their way to theatres.

Agreed that what one has seen is rather localised with collections coming primarily from down South. Still, it won’t be wrong to extrapolate this to some extent at least and expect that audiences – at least in mass belts across the country – could well be willing to have a dekko at bonafide entertainers.



I am not saying that it’s time for biggies to arrive as yet at the theatres on Friday. If Sooryavanshi, Radhe or ’83 want to adopt a wait-n-watch approach then it is understandable since these are eyeing a total of at least 200 crores each. Hence, it is rudimentary that they would be a bit cautious. Even those films that have their eyes set for 100 Crore Club entry could well be cautious as the situation is yet to be ascertained that whether it would be all that easy.

However, what about those films that cater to 30-50 crores bracket? Why are the likes of such films not announcing their plans as yet? Rest assured, with lack of any completion in the day of release and then in weeks ahead as well, these films could well manage to achieve the kind of moolah that they were set out for. After all, the sheer interest rate that these films are incurring by no-show at theatres on a Friday would be heartbreaking as well for those who have invested in these.

The supply chain needs to start functioning all over again. Till a few months back the whole group of producers, distributors and exhibitors was calling for theatres to be opened. Ministry was being approached and there was so much noise on social media as well. Now that theatres are open, they are shying away from releasing their content. Well, if the excuse is around 50% occupancy rule then that’s rather uncalled for as how many films actually manage to go past the 50% occupancy either ways even on the best of the weekends?

The need of the hour is for the films to start releasing in theatres on a Friday; Bollywood could well start with its medium budget offerings at least.

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