Wednesday was another decent day for the Hindi releases as Kedarnath as well as 2.0 (Hindi) brought in fair amount of moolah. Kedarnath has turned out to be a success story with 3.50 crore* more coming in.


The film should stay over 3 crore today as well, which would be a fine trend. Currently standing at 39.25 crore*, the film should cross the 42 crore mark before close of week.

Kedarnath and 2.0 [Hindi] - Wednesday updates
Box Office Collections: Kedarnath & 2.0 (Hindi) Wednesday Updates!


2.0 [Hindi] brought in 2.75 crore* as well. It would have helped had the film stayed in 3-4 crore range right through the weekdays as well, especially since there was good growth on Saturday and Sunday. However, the film has started to slow down a bit which makes its journey towards the 200 crore mark a bit tedious. The film has collected 176.25 crore * so far and would be touching 180 crore mark at the start of the third week now.

There is no notable Hindi release in week to come which means stage would be set for both the films to bring in added footfalls before Zero hits the screens on 21st December.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources




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