In a span of almost 24 hours, we saw two of the most stunning divas of the industry exhibiting their blazing moves and forget the stage, they are setting our hearts on fire! We’re talking here about the drop-dead gorgeous Katrina Kaif whose item number – Husn Parcham from Zero (which also stars Shah Rukh Khan) released yesterday, and the marvellous Mouni Roy whose Gali Gali from the movie KGF (alongside Yash) reached us today. While both the ladies were great, who do you think deserves to top this battle?

Husn Parcham From Zero VS Gali Gali From KGF: Who Wins This Dance Battle - Katrina Kaif Or Mouni Roy?
Husn Parcham From Zero VS Gali Gali From KGF: Who Wins This Dance Battle – Katrina Kaif Or Mouni Roy?


We’ve previously seen Katrina’s impressive moves in songs like Afghan Jalebi, Chikni Chameli & Kamli amongst many others. Husn Parcham as the title suggests truely showcases her beauty and talent. She’s undoubtedly looks like a magnificent beauty, especially in that red attire and we can’t help but notice each of her move! Reportedly, Kat is playing an alcoholic actress in the movie, and this song being her introduction – totally takes us in her favour. We’re not sure if it’s her best of the lot, but it sure is one that will remain in our top list. Also, the song remains mind boggling and could be heard on loop!


On the other hand, we’ve seen Mouni getting super sexy in Ki Kariye Nachna Aaonda Nahin from Tum Bin 2 but this one surpasses all our expectations and achieves another level. Not only she looks hot as hell, her expressions overtakes everything else and there’s not one second you would look anywhere else in the frame. If these are the kind of performance that his Naagin actress has to give us, we’re craving for more!

We’re not sure whom to root for amongst the two but what do you think? Which one do you think wins over the other? Vote below and share your views in the comment section below!




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