Kannada actor Yash, who has charmed his audience in the south, is now all set to woo the Hindi audiences too. His upcoming flick KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) is slated to hit the theatres on 21st December 2018, with Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero. Yash’s film KGF is dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The film also stars Srinidhi Shetty.

Recently, we met the Rocky actor for an interview, wherein he spoke about clashing with SRK’s Zero, high expectations after Rajinikanth’s 2.0 and much more.

Yash On KGF Clashing With Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero: Confident About Getting A Big Number Of Screens
Yash On KGF Clashing With Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero: Confident About Getting A Big Number Of Screens

Ask him if he is concerned about the clash of KGF and Zero as the box office will get affected, he said that the team of KGF will get a good number of screens since the trailer is appreciated by the viewers. He said, “With experience what I have realised is if your film is well made, then it won’t matter. If more than two films release on the same day and if they all are good, people are definitely going to watch them. Just imagine if they watch another film first and they like it, they will definitely come and watch our film if it has got good reviews. If the film they see first is not good, then they opt for another film. So in that way I think if both the films are good, they will watch both films.”

He further added, “If you impress the audiences, then they will own it. Now Yash has to promote this film, but if they like it, everybody will take that responsibility and start promoting it. So it is about owning the film and that happens when the film is good. In that way I don’t think it is a big thing. Of course yes, the theatres set up will be an issue but we are doing it because it is a wonderful date. It is a festive season. I have got lot of success in Kannada, my films have done phenomenally well. So if you come on a good date, there will definitely be a lot of competition. Hindi films have very minimal reach in the south, they have never tapped the markets like we have. But Hindi audiences have always supported good films and south films because we dub in their language. We are trying to cater in their language. So they will treat it as a Hindi film. Also the response what we have got for the trailer, we will be able to get good number of screens.”

We have seen how the films of superstars have not worked this year at the box office. So will KGF be a dark horse? Yash said, “I want that movie (Zero) also to do well because I know every technician or filmmaker would have believed in the subject and they would have spent a lot of time and hard work into that. So I would never wish that other film should do bad for me to get success. I want them also to do well and I want this film also to do well.”

When he was asked about the success of 2.0 and soon he will have to go through the same litmus test in some days, how is that feeling like? “No I think we should be mentally prepared for that kind of clash or competition. But I think if the film is good, people will always support. Even if we get less screens, but if the audiences love the film, we naturally will get the extra screens. We have a good distributor Anil Thadani, he has seen and loved the film and then he has got it. He is very confident about getting a big number,” he said.

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