Box Office 2024 Half Yearly Report: With Only 1307 Crore Hindi Films Fail To Beat 2023's 42% Higher Collection
Box Office 2024 In Six Months Hit Lower Than 2023 ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

It has been six months, and the Hindi box office 2024 has been on a roll with a cumulative 1000+ crore coming in the six months. Hindi films have brought together a total of approximately 1307 crore with a total of 29 releases, including 2 Hollywood flicks and 3 dubbed South Indian films.

Box Office 2024 – Half Yearly

In six months, Hindi films have earned 1307 crore. This, however, is much less than the cumulative box office collection of the first six months of the last year. In 2023, the first half collected 1846 crore at the box office, almost 42% higher than what the 29 films have earned this year.

Last year, the 1800 crore came with around 25 films that included 3 Hollywood biggies and 2 South Indian dubbed films. Box Office 2024 witnessed five biggies from Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter in January, followed by Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan, Maidaan, Akshay Kumar & Tiger Shroff’s Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and finally Prabhas’s Kalki 2898 AD.

Total Hits

Out of the 29 releases, the box office saw a total of 3 hits, 1 superhit, and 1 blockbuster. While the recently released horror comedy Munjya turned into a blockbuster, crossing the 100 crore mark, South Indian HanuMan was a super hit. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, Shaitaan, and Article 370 turned hits. Interestingly, none of the films were expected to turn into hits!

Best Performing Month

March was the best-performing month in the first quarter with almost 455 crore collection, including two 100 crore films, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire and Shaitaan. Meanwhile, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kriti Sanon and Tabu’s Crew brought almost 100 crore that added to the big number.

The Flops & Misses

In total, the first six months of 2024 have contributed 10 flops at the box office. Apart from the 5 hits, the rest of the releases have been either successful or average. In 2023, the first half at the box office registered 13 flops. The major misses this year were the big Eid clash – Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and Maidaan disastrously tanking at the box office. Even Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter could not perform as expected despite being the highest-grossing film in the two quarters with 215 crores.

Box Office 2024 VS Box Office 2023

Despite having better number of hits and flops, box office 2024 could only earn 1307 crore compared to last year’s 1846 crore. Even Prabhas‘s biggie Kalki 2898 AD could not give the much required boost at the box office and the major differentiator is Shah Rukh Khan who single handedly contributed 543 crore last yearalmost 29% of the cumulative total of the first six months of 2023.

Check out the performances of Hindi films at Box Office 2024 compared to Box Office 2023.

Jan – 192.23 crore | 554.02 crore
Feb – 125 crore | 49 crore
March – 470.50 crore | 358 crore
1st Quarter 787.58 crore | 961.11 crore
April – 121.27 crore | 130.15 crore
May – 116.29 | 422 crore
June – 282 crore | 333.05 crore

Total – 1307 crore | 1846 crore

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. Numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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