Here's How Antim Faring In Advance Booking On Day 2
Antim Day 2 Advance Booking Report ( Photo Credit – Antim Poster )

Antim box office: Aayush Sharma and Salman Khan’s crime drama has lived up to the expectations that were set after the trailer release. The film is getting compared to the original version, Mulshi Pattern, but it has its own positives working in favour. Let’s see how it is performing in advance booking for day 2.

Antim has pulled off a fair start on day 1. Today, the film is showing a slight growth in advance ticket sales. Let’s see below how the film is trending across all major Indian cities:




A day prior to release, we saw just a few countable shows filling fast in Mumbai. But today, on day 2, around 10-12% of shows are running almost full in advance booking. Yes, the number is not big, but it’s a good improvement when compared to the opening day.


Delhi-NCR stays similar just like the opening day a couple of shows are filling fast.


Bengaluru is still dull for Antim. It’s very rare for any Salman Khan film. Seems like Sooryavanshi has left the audience exhausted, and now, the audience is awaiting another biggie.


Hyderabad is decent since day 1. Here, as of now, around 15-20% of shows are filling fast.


Ahmedabad has been among the best performing cities for Sooryavanshi. However, for Antim, the film is staying dull with just a couple of shows here and there running to almost full in advance booking.


Here, all the shows are in the green zone (seats easily available).


Chandigarh is average with 5-8% of shows filling fast.


Pune is better than the opening day. As of now, around 10-15% of shows are filling fast.

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