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Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta


Is it easier for filmmakers nowadays to make films with new plots and story-lines?
Komal Nahta: Yes, it is definitely easier nowadays. The audience today is more receptive to new story ideas.

Can we expect a film in today’s age to celebrate silver jubilee on merits?
Komal Nahta: Why not? Over-saturated release doesn’t mean that a super-hit film cannot complete 25 weeks’ run on merits.

On seeing many films, one wonders how they got financiers in the first place. Don’t financiers think before backing flop projects?
Komal Nahta: Firstly, it is not as easy to judge a project on paper as it is to judge a film. Secondly, financiers could back a project for other reasons too, personal gratification being one of them. For instance, if one is hell-bent on launching his son in a film, he won’t think very objectively about the financial returns.

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  1. Sir, on 19-09-11, you wrote an article on Ra.One total cost and how it is going to recover it. But, after that superstars like Rajnikanth and Amitabh Bachchan also got involved in Ra.One. My question is, “is the total cost will remain the same or it will change on higher side?”


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