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In last week’s post, you’ve said that Ra.One will prove to be a plus fare in spite of its unprecedented cost. How can you make such a tall claim without watching the film?
Komal Nahta: Just as we predict the box-office fate of a film after watching the film! Film business is speculative, no doubt, but there is also a science involved in the business.

Why We Said Ra.One Will Not Be A Flop (Shah Rukh Khan Ra.One Movie Stills)

How good is the advance booking counter a barometer to estimate the initial a film would take on Friday?
Komal Nahta: It is good but not cent per cent accurate, as in the good old days. Today, films sometimes don’t record impressive ticket sales in advance but yet manage a decent initial.

What’s better – to build a new multiplex in a big and happening city or in a ‘B’ or ‘C’ class centre?
Komal Nahta: Both have their plus and minus points. Land cost in a big city would be more but so would the business. On the other hand, the cost of land in a ‘B’ or ‘C’ class centre would be much lower but then, business would also be limited.

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  1. Dear Komal Sir. Production budget is 150 crore

    Advertising budget is 40 crore

    Total budget is 190 crore. How could it be a hit in terms of theatrical business, at least in India? We always go with domestic box office, right? Please reply my question in the next round or in the coming post. I really appreciate the excellent work you do with ETC and here. To me, you’re no. 1 and Roger Ebert of Indian cinema, though far handsomer and younger than him :)

    • dude thoda dimaag laga…3000 screens… shahrukh abhi itna bhi bela star nahin hai that he can t attract atleast 70-75% crowds.. calcutae for your self.average 600 seats per screen – 3 shows per day , average 70 rs(single screens cost less) – and 5 day weekend plus 4 days..kitna hua…3000screens * 3shows *75 rs*375(assuming 60%average occupancy) *9days in the firsweek = around 230 crores.. conservatively it would earn atleast 150-160 crores even if monday witness a 60% drop.. this plus music launch show rights at 10 crores plus satellite right at 36 crores… calculate kar..it will recover in the first week itself

      • Recovering the budget only shouldn’t be the goal. If we talk this way, Ra.One will, as maximum, be an “above average”, or mostly likely “below average”. Could well be a FLOP if rejected by audiences like Billu was.

        • Phir se wahi.. Yaar dimaag lagane mein problem hai kya.. Billu was not a Shahrukhs movie.. u can say it 1000 times.. In that case Saavan is a salmans movie..comon..secondly.. Ra.One has 95% of the theatre share..So any theatre going public if they go will only find Ra.One. So even if it isbad by the time the public realise it, it would have got the opening.. Dont forget it has made more than 100 crores in prerelease collection.. Just egtting a good opening isnt difficult and that s all it needs to recover..

  2. collections imp nahi hai movie achchi honi chahiye bas kyuki mai bhaiya chhap movie pasand nahi karta.. aur rahi baat srk ki to uske movie ka standard bahut high hai costume location dialogs picturisation every thing every department world class hota hai…

  3. Ra.1 will re-write the history book of indian cinema..if a crap movie like bodyguard can gross 100+ cr.. Then it will surely gonna make 200cr.. Just go to youtube.com/raonemovie

  4. Ra.one will be blockbuster for sure..people are going crazy about this.. Srk fans will not left any stone to make it grandest movie of all time

    • You are so right. Srk did not ask us, but we have been marketing the movie all over the globe. People who dont watch Indian movies are our target this time. And this halloween is dedicated to Ra One all over the world. So things are going to get even intense for us at the end of October. It is all for the love of Srk.

  5. srk did some wrong decision to release movie on youtube ….hacker are going and pirating the movie from youtube …after pirated this movie many of people watch in his or her home because today lots of people have home theater ….please say to srk launch movie after theatering …so now original print will be out in first day….

  6. Ra one already got back half of its money. So even if it releases on DVD without going in theaters it will still be a blockbuster. After Komal’s article, a new report already showed up. It reveals exactly how much the movie has already collected from other sources. Its a huge amount. So Srk haters, sorry, your hopes and prayers flopped at God’s office.

  7. Ra.one jasi Music superhit hogye
    esi tarah movie b alrdy blockbuster hogi
    wait til diwali
    Ra.one wil b the huge Hit of Bollywood History
    mark My WORds..

    This is SRK,s MAsala movie aftr OSO…
    five day wil b 110crs to 120crs

  8. me bi sharukh ka fan hoon lekin saale ko gammand zyada hai.gadi gadi iam bollywood badshah.aur uske team me bhi logo ko marvaane deta

  9. salman’s fans get out of here……otherwise u will fall liking srk at the end….hahaha he got so much charm…..we love u srk..u rock…and salman sucks

  10. SUPER DUPER BUMPER HIT……………………………..
    RA.ONE in the BOLLYWOOD HISTORY………………….
    it can cross around 200 CR…..
    in his 1st 3 weeks…………

  11. hi dipti kapoor,we r living in india why r u talking about overseas..because we know MNIK is flop in india …In over sears YAADEIN,DILSE was also super hit can we say they were also hit in india…NOOO

  12. Here is advance booking update: rajhans cinema in surat sold 1000 tickets in 4 hours… All 3d tickets in b’lore sold out for first 3 days .. People going made in a bhopal theatre… Now just sit back and see the huge no. This movie will get on day 1 to 5

  13. Why u people watching movies, wasting money & fighting with each other after all u are Indians and humans what these actors giving u nothing except they are becoming very very rich only because of stupid and fool audience. I am requesting Sallu fans not to watch Raone and not to fight with Srk fans. No watching no jealous no bad feeling no bad words for others and fighting.

  14. Why are u fighting each other what actors giving u nothing only making u fool. Sallu fans don’t watch Raone and don’t fight with any one that’s it we all are humans.
    You people are fighting because of movies it’s very shameful. Actors are earning in cores only because of fool audiences and what audience getting nothing.

  15. Guys its not about Shahrukh or anybody. The brain of the movie is Director. And Anubhav Sinha is a super flop director. He will make a good movie worst.I hope that Ra-one will be a good one, but I don’t believe in Anubhav Sinha….

  16. GO EAT UR HAT AND UR WHOLE GROUP OF FANBOYS PLEASE, the rest of india would like to move onto better things n maturity.

    in the end the noise u made was not worth the basic product tht came out. CGI did’nt need the stars that were involved. anyone could have done it.

    hollywood has since long been makin gems tht hav left the sillyness of just associatin robots with dhoom dhamaal, to askin the more existential questions of such an outcome… referring to the human cyborg, ethics, morality. but i guess thts besides the point no, every culture has somethin tht appeals to it right? even kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.. so..

    what drives india???? quality or STAR POWER??
    with mindless sycophantic components in the media, that title their articles such as this one (and its predecessor), it is not hard to imagine the latter reality.


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