When Waheeda Rehman Recalled Sitting Raj Kapoor’s Chest To Stop Him From Confronting An Angry Mob; Read On
When Waheeda Rehman Recalled Sitting Raj Kapoor’s Chest To Stop Him From Confronting An Angry Mob(Photo Credit –IMDb/YouTube)

Film stars not only enjoy a luxurious lifestyle but also enjoy a massive fan following who will do anything to get a glimpse of their favorite stars. Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman also had a fan frenzy moment along with Raj Kapoor. Scroll down to know more.

While filming Teesri Kasam in Bina, Madhya Pradesh, Waheeda Rehman, and Raj Kapoor had a memorable fan encounter. Boarding a train, they were puzzled when it repeatedly stopped shortly after starting, raising concerns.

In Conversations with Waheeda Rehman, the veteran actress revealed an incident from the 1960s when a group of students mobbed her on a train journey with Raj Kapoor, eager for a glimpse. As reported by Indian Express, she recalled, “Finally, we looked out of the compartment window to see what was going on. The railway station at Bina was very small, and on either side of the train, we could see huge crowds of students on the platforms. Then we heard people shouting, ‘Utro, utro, dekhna hai, dekhna hai’.”

At that moment, an individual approached Raj Kapoor, advising him to engage with the student leader and persuade the crowd to disperse, facilitating their departure. Waheeda Rehman reminisced they informed Kapoor that local students, eager to witness the Teesri Kasam shoot, were misled by the production team with incorrect addresses. Bunking classes, they cycled to the location, finding no one there. This happened repeatedly, denying them the opportunity to see him and the actress.

Upon discovering this, Raj Kapoor steadfastly declared that they had already seen him and Waheeda would not be coming out. The mob, dissatisfied, issued an ultimatum: either Waheeda sees her fans, or they won’t allow the train to depart. Raj, ignoring the ultimatum, firmly rejected the demand.

She recalled, “Then he closed the compartment door. That did it! The crowd became furious and started hurling stones and hitting the train with big iron bars. They did not let the train move an inch. We had to duck down in our compartments to avoid being hurt while Rajji was getting more and more enraged. He wanted to go out and confront the crowd. His friends tried to restrain him and, when they realised they couldn’t, they pushed him into our compartment and said, ‘Ladies! Take care of him. He has gone wild.’”

Waheeda Rehman recalled that she, along with her sister and her hairdresser, had to physically restrain Raj Kapoor so he could be held inside the compartment. She said, “The three of us had to literally pin Rajji onto the seat. I sat on his chest while my sister held onto his legs. He became red as a tomato and tried to wriggle out of our grip while we were struggling to keep him down. We kept imploring him, ‘No, Rajji, no!’ To which he protested, ‘Let me go! Let me go!’ It became such a drama — but maybe I should say a comedy.”

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