When Siddharth Sarcastically Called Out Akshay Kumar For His 2019 Interview With Narendra Modi
Throwback To When Siddharth Indirectly Called Out Akshay Kumar For His Non-Political Interview With Narendra Modi(Pic Credit: Instagram/akshaykumar, worldofsiddharth)

Akshay Kumar has always been vocal about his political opinions, some of which have garnered strong criticism from the people. His tweets and posts have often become a topic of discussion on social media, triggering debates between the left and right political wings. Right before the general elections of 2019, Akshay Kumar had conducted a light-hearted interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and one of the many people to react to it was south Indian star Siddharth.

The Rang De Basanti actor has often been in the news for his straightforward comments on co-stars and current affair issues. He was also in the headlines previously when he came out in support of Swara Bhasker after a troll tried to call him the south Indian version of her.



In the year 2019, right before the general elections, actor Akshay Kumar had conducted an interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi which was questionably ‘non-political’ and ‘candid’. During the conversation, the duo spoke about a bunch of bizarre topics including memes and sleep schedules. The interview became the epitome of jokes and memes on the internet and severe outrage followed with several political figures calling out the ruling party for executing it.

Most critics were of the stance that the non-political interview was of no use to the voters, especially when the elections were just a few days away. A few other netizens, however, were in favour of the conversation, calling it harmless and non-problematic.

Actor Siddharth was one of the many people who were displeased with the video content which was evident in the tweet he put up later.

“Hey Donald Trump, since you are getting ready to be re-elected soon, might I suggest an interview with me during your elections? I have crucial questions about how you eat fruit, your sleep and work habits and also your cute personality”, the tweet said.

Siddharth also highlighted how Akshay Kumar does not have an Indian Passport and further said sarcastically, “I have an Indian passport. DM me please.”

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