When Shah Rukh Khan Gave A Befitting Reply To Those Who Questioned His Patriotism Just For Demanding Pakistani Players In IPL: "Maybe I Have Made Compromises But..."
When Shah Rukh Khan Slammed Those Who Questioned His Patriotism (Pic Credit: Instagram)

Everyone’s super excited to see Shah Rukh Khan spring back in action through his upcoming films Pathaan, Jawan and Dunki. The actor was last seen on the big screens with his 2018 film Zero. The past year has been difficult on the actor since his son Aryan Khan was nabbed in a drug case by the NCB.

Since then the actor has been keeping quite a low profile. However, this was the complete opposite when SRK was young, during his early days the Bazigaar actor never failed to speak what was in his mind even if it caused him a hell lot of backlash from the netizens.



One such time was when Shah Rukh Khan openly spoke about an incident which was a hot topic during the year 2010. For the unversed, SRK was making headlines around the time of his film My Name Is Khan release, the actor landed into a controversy after he slammed IPL for not allowing to choose Pakistani players at the time of the auction. This left many questioning SRK’s identity and his film started receiving too many negative reactions from the audience. Not just this Shiv Sena workers also led a rally to ban the film.

During that year itself, when NDTV asked Shah Rukh Khan to share his take on this, the actor said, “That is one thing no Indian should be questioned on (their patriotism) because you don’t have to ask and you don’t have to explain why you have to love your motherland. I am strangely very proud (of being an Indian), strangely but naturally, my dad was a freedom fighter.”

The superstar then added, “Maybe I have made compromises in my life and I will never deny that but I know that I have been a good citizen, I pay my taxes, I try to be okay law-wise and then suddenly you are subjected to the questioning of this form and I get very emotional about the things that people say…because my parents gave me nothing else. I am very proud of the Tamrapatra that my father has and I feel very special, especially with the people of my age group because my father was a freedom fighter, he gave me this country. So, I have this strange positive chip on my shoulder that I really like this. And when somebody asks and says that you are not a nice guy and you are not patriotic enough, I find it very strange.”

Concluding his take on the same, Shah Rukh said, “And again I say with all humility that we should have good relationships with everybody. And if I have taken the name of Pakistan or any other country what is the harm in it? I have not understood this. So that is why when people tell me are you going to retract, I don’t know what to retract? So, here on your show I will say — let’s not be friendly to any country in the world. It’s okay, let my film release with happiness.”

What are your thoughts on Shah Rukh Khan’s take when his patriotism was questioned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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