When Shah Rukh Khan Turned The Beatles' 'Let It Be' To 'Marry Me' While Proposing To Priyanka Chopra On National TV, Making The Latter Red With Embarrassment
When Shah Rukh Khan Turned The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’ To ‘Marry Me’ While Proposing To Priyanka Chopra On National TV (Photo Credit –IMDb)

We often come across old videos of Bollywood stars making controversial comments or doing cringe actions. While a lot of them now share a huge fan following, a section of social media never fails from digging deep and bring out older videos of them for their diehard fans. In today’s cringe story, we will tell you about the time Priyanka Chopra turned red with embarrassment after Shah Rukh Khan proposed her on National Television. Yes, it happen!

The event goes back to the time in 2009 when SRK along with other big personalities had attended an event by NDTV who had PeeCee join them via a video call. The video has resurfaced on the web making netizens cringe. Scroll down for details.

The clip opens with Shah Rukh Khan telling Priyanka Chopra, “Very few people know, you are an amazing singer. I don’t have money to pay you but I am gonna ask you something and I want the answer in a song.” SRK begins to sing his own version of Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’. He sings “When I am lonely and in the times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom Marry Me … Marry Me?” asking her to “Now tell us your words, sweetheart.”

Taken aback by the song, Priyanka Chopra seemingly looks embarrassed as she tells Shah Rukh Khan, “Iss Sawaal ka jawaab gaane me nahi, words mein bhi nahi hoga.” He further asks her, “Make a Vulgar expression with your lips,” and sends her a flying kiss. Even before she could say anything, SRK says “May be I should not embarrass her any further, thank you Priyanka!” The global icon lastly tells him, “Isn’t that vulgar enough for national Television?” Watch it below:

     SRK being cringy/creepy on national TV (2009)
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Reacting to the same, a Redditor commented, “If there’s a wall of Shame in this sub, this video should be no.1 for a 100 years,” while another said, “This cannot be explained by SRK himself ever. Cringest!!! It’s a miracle no one died of cringe there”

A third netizen wrote, “Where are the SRK name orgasmers mannn i miss their delululu comments.”

While fourth one commented, “So many things wrong with this. Priyanka was video called to accept an NDTV Indian of the Year award. Not only did SRK completely bulldoze that moment and achievement by pulling this stunt but he also managed to make a room full of politicians and middle aged men who, no doubt, have themselves indulged in perverted things behind closed doors, cringe. KJo’s face perfectly describes the moment and even Priyanka looked so awkward but both fake smiled their way through it. If I were Gauri or one of SRK’s kids, I’d be fuming at him serenading another woman with a proposal song on national television, and it wasn’t even for a shoot or something scripted. This was one of many creepy things SRK did to Priyanka in public.”

Coming back, have you the video earlier? What are your comments on Shah Rukh Khan’s this behaviour? Do let us know.

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