Alia Bhatt's Indian Accent Brings Back Priyanka Chopra Trolls Appreciating The Heart Of Stone Actress
Alia Bhatt’s Indian Accent Brings Back Priyanka Chopra Trolls Appreciating The Heart Of Stone Actress  (Photo Credit: Instagram; IMDb)

Alia Bhatt is among the most talented actors in all of Bollywood. Throughout her career of 12 years, she has proved her acting mettle in various genres and worked with celebrated Indian directors. She recently added another feather of success to her career by making her Hollywood debut with Heart of Stone. While the movie has received mixed reviews, fans are happy with Alia sticking to her Indian accent and brutally trolling Priyanka Chopra for her previous works.

Heart of Stone, which also stars Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan, saw Alia play the lead antagonist Keya Devgan. The movie, helmed by Tom Harper, ditched theatrical release and arrived on Netflix on August 11.

Before Alia Bhatt, a bunch of Bollywood celebs made their Hollywood debuts, but only a few have continued their work in the West. These actors are Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher, Deepika Padukone, Ali Fazal, Anil Kapoor and more. While many actors have worked on their accents for their roles, Alia seemingly stuck to her Indian one.

Reacting to Alia Bhatt’s accent, netizens have praised the actress and seemingly slammed Priyanka Chopra on Twitter. While one wrote, “oke alia bhatt is FINE and her accent is IMMACULATE i will stan,” another penned, “my biggest irk w bollywood actors doing english films is their dialogue delivery & accent alwz seem artificial/jarring but thankfully that wasnt the case w alia as she did well & now that she has got her foot in the door hope she gets better opportunities.”

A third one wrote, “I loved how alia hasn’t faked her accent and kept it the way it is. @aliaa08 loved you in heart of stone. ps. The only good thing about movie.”

Another user took a jibe at other Bollywood stars working in Hollywood and wrote, “Appreciation post for @aliaa08 who has done a wonderful job in #HeartOfStone Unlike other bollywood actors who ham and ham and have weird mannerisms when they act in Hollywood movies, Alia Bhatt is elegant, graceful and natural. No funny accent either.”

A few took a dig at Priyanka Chopra, who is often accused of having a fake accent. One wrote, “audacity of Priyanka Chopra fans poking their nose in alia bhatt matter becoz their fav is flopping badly even after using white man for settling her non existence career,” while another penned, “acting like priyanka has damaged “outside” perception of what indians sound like and alia is going to fix it is such chronically online behavior.”

PC’s fans stood by her side as one of them explained the characters she had played and wrote, “PC has never played an Indian from India in Hollywood. It’s always been Indian American. Hence the accent which she had to specifically work on with the help of coaches. It’s a skill. Which they must have realised is smthng Alia is incapable of so they let her do her baby accent.” Another wrote, “Kuch bhi Priyanka’s one dialogue>>>>>>>>>>> alia bhatt acting career.”

Let us know your views on Alia Bhatt’s acting in Heart of Stone and whether it was necessary for netizens to drag Priyanka Chopra in the discussion in the space below.

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