When Shah Rukh Khan Said “I’m Not Sitting & Praising Other Guys,” To A Journalist Denying To Sit Across His Contemporaries
When Shah Rukh Khan Said “I’m Not Sitting & Praising Other Guys,” Denying To Sit Across His Contemporaries In An Interview (Picture Credit: IMDB)

We have often heard different stories of Bollywood actors and actresses getting into ego clashes with their contemporaries. Recently, a former journalist recalled the time he dealt with ego clashes among actors, especially A-list male stars. In a recent interview, Rajeev Masand, who’s currently serving as COO at the Dharma Cornerstone Agency, recalled a time when Shah Rukh Khan refused to come to Actors’ roundtable interview and sit across his contemporaries.

The former journalist recently spoke about having to deal with Male stars’ ego clashes during his interview with Anupama Chopra on her Podcast ‘All About Movies’. During the conversation, they revealed that in today’s time, it’s challenging to get all the actors together for an interview.

Recalling an old incident, Rajeev Masand revealed that once Shah Rukh Khan denied to come on his Male Actors’ Roundtable Interview owing to the male ego clashes. He revealed when he approached the superstar for his show, SRK denied it and asked him to rather call him on ‘actresses roundtable’ as he doesn’t want to praise other guys. “Shah Rukh told me, ‘Call me on the actresses roundtable. I’ll come and sit with the girls. I’m not sitting and praising other guys…’ I think there is an ego with actors,” said the former journalist.

However, he feels it’s the other way round in the West as it is very much possible for Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro to appear on roundtables alongside young actors.

Rajeev Masand went on to recall another incident where he refrained from mentioning anyone’s name. He said, “There was a time when a big actor, a big star, was like, ‘I’m not going to come if this other actor’s on it’. And that other actor totally deserved to be there, but he was a younger, newer actor. And I don’t know if the actor was asking for this or the publicist, because they tend to get involved, and they can be pushy and bossy. And it got really awkward, and I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m uninviting someone who deserves to be there, so if you don’t want to come, I can’t force you’.”

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