Leonardo DiCaprio Disappointed By Sharon Stone
Leonard DiCaprio Disappointed After Kissing Sharon Stone Despite Having A Crush On Her ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest Hollywood stars who has swooned audiences with his stellar performance. To prove his acting capabilities, the actor has an Oscar award among many acclamations throughout his illustrious career. The actor has made many friendships and a name for himself. However, while working with Sharon Stone, Leo was surprised to meet her for the first time. Read on to find out what actually happened!

Leonardo and Sharon worked in a 1995 American revisionist Western film, The Quick and the Dead, directed by Sam Raimi. Interestingly enough, not many would know, but the makers did not want to cast the actor due to his high salary. Reportedly, Sharon fought the studio to cast him and even agreed to pay the then-21-year-old actor out of her own pocket when the studio refused to pay him as they wanted to opt for a bigger name instead

On working with Sharon Stone, the Oscar-winning actor once talked to The Morning Call and shared first-hand experience of working with the actress. He admitted that when he saw her in front of him, she was way different than he had envisioned her. “I expected her to be this big s*x vixen, seducing everyone. But she was sweet,” said the Titanic star.

Later in the conversation, Leonardo DiCaprio revealed that he did not quite enjoy kissing Sharon Stone, who was 37 years old, 16 years older than Leo, while working on the film. “To tell you the truth, it wasn’t that great. She grabbed me by the back of my hair, pushed her lips on mine, and then threw my head away. It didn’t feel like a real kiss,” added the actor.

However, while they might have a difficult time shooting their romantic scenes, Leo hit the cords with The Quick and The Dead co-actor Russell Crowe while working on the sets of the film. Both actors were in a nascent stage of their Hollywood journey and were carving out a path to fulfil their acting aspirations and become global movie stars.

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