When Shah Rukh Khan Confessed The Reason Why He Restrains Himself From Talking About Public Issues
When Shah Rukh Khan Revealed The Reason Behind Not Speaking About Public Issues (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Lately, Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan have been making headlines for the latter being under NCB’s custody after being arrested in a raid at a Goa-bound cruise ship last week. He has since been in the custody of the authorities, and his bail hearing has been deferred to Wednesday.

Lately, an excerpt from the Badshah actor interview podcast hosted by now-disbanded comedy club AIB is going viral online. There are a lot of fans speculating that Aryan’s arrest is just retaliation for something the actor did.



In the podcast, Shah Rukh Khan expressed his feelings saying that there were times he wished to scream his true feelings about the ongoing affairs issues from the rooftop, but not he has learned to keep himself quiet to avoid trouble.

Tanmay Bhat who was present as the co-host asked Shah Rukh Khan how he felt when he becomes ‘the news of the day’ for something he hasn’t even done or commented on.

Shah Rukh replied, “So I’ll tell you, I wake up like this in the morning. So last night, there was some news about the honourable president Donald Trump, he’d done something in America, I don’t know what it was, but something was happening. I don’t want to mention any ethnic or religious groups, but something was happening. So I’m lying down, and I wake up in the morning, and my first thought… I have nothing to do with that world, I don’t even think I have a valid visa, and I may never get it after this… I pick up my phone, and I used to be very fast – King of Bollywood – but now I wake up and think, ‘Kaunsa king, kaunsa Bollywood?’ And then my hand goes automatically to my phone. And prayers are happening inside, in every language. I pray to every God, ‘I have nothing to do with what has happened in America today, I hope not’.”

The Don actor went on to joke on topics making sure to be cautious of what he has to be in the public. The actor said that a few days back a few filmmakers talked about a person who got ‘violated’ in the ‘north’, and even when the actor didn’t say anything in public he came to know that he was going viral on social media. The annotation place at the lower part of the video stated that Shah Rukh was referring to the attack on director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, while he was shooting Padmaavat.

“I made no comment, I made my personal love known to the person who was involved in this activity that may have happened up north somewhere due to whatever, and I genuinely went and checked. And it was about me suddenly, about me sending some gangster and some bad guy, and I’m like, ‘Why, why, why?’”

When Tanmay asked the actor if he felt venting out his frustrations, the DDLJ actor said that ‘there are some days’ when he ‘genuinely’ feels like screaming to the world, “Haan! Haan, maine kiya hai! Haan, maine yeh bhi bola tha! Haan, aur main yeh bhi bol raha hoon, aur haan main Shah Rukh hoon! (Yes! Yes, I did it! And yes, I said that, too! And I’m also saying this! And yes, I’m Shah Rukh!)”

Meanwhile, there have been main Bollywood industry colleagues who have stepped up to show their support towards the actor.

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