Kangana Ranaut Once In Her Alleged Leaked Emails To Hrithik Roshan Wrote About Salman Khan & Uday Chopra
When Kangana Ranaut In Her Leaked Emails To Hrithik Roshan Wrote About Salman Khan (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is one of the successful actresses in Bollywood. After the success of the 2013 film Queen, the actress is flying high with her blockbuster films. Apart from that the actress has racked up several controversies and took digs at Bollywood actors. She did not even spare Salman Khan.

Kangana and Hrithik Roshan’s fiasco grabbed a lot of headlines in 2016. It is still considered to be one of Bollywood’s ugliest spats, and celebrities were forced to take sides during all the mud-slinging and slapping of lawsuits that went on. Email conversation between both stars also grabbed a lot of attention.

A few of Kangana Ranaut’s supposed emails were leaked and it targetted none other than Salman Khan and Uday Chopra. As reported by Deccan Chronicle, in the leaked email, the actress allegedly wrote, “You went for Big Boss. That’s great, it’s good to give BB that post-release promotion. I am glad you didn’t meet SK [Salman Khan]. He’s weird. When I said no to that film, he said, ‘Kareena was doing that film, but I gave it to you because it won’t help her, but it can make your career’.

My jaw dropped. Is he crazy? Kareena’s role in Bajrangi Bhaijaan will make my career? Which world does he live in? Which of his heroine’s career is made?

Everyone told me not to do it. And I am loved because I never worked with him. Does he even know, people who have put their money on me, directors, producers, studios pleaded with me not to do his films because it will harm my brand. He used to make fun of me. Once he told me, why do you act so much? People like you end up nowhere. Look at Katrina, she is the perfect actress material; looks good and keeps her mouth shut. I told him he is very 19th-century, and I am not interested in becoming Katrina or Salman. He got pissed and started abusing me. After that we didn’t see his face for two years. He called, messaged, but I never replied. Then he called me for his birthday, I told you about that time I saw him for five minutes. After Queen, he has been wanting to meet me, but I just don’t feel like it, and this film offer is just a desperate attempt. This is the thing with unpleasant people, you just don’t want to see them. [sic],” Kangana Ranaut wrote.

Kangana’s alleged leaked email also mentioned, “Baby, you have made me so proud. Just read this news on Miss Malini that you were hanging out with Nargis and Uday. I was thinking about how hurt Uday must be because since you have been giving Nargis attention on Twitter, she’s broken up with him. They weren’t going very strong, but after she had hopes with you, she’s been in her lalala land… must be making Uday feel really bad. But you sensed that, you made things clear to him. I am so touched, I am almost in tears. Isn’t that heroic, jaan? He would’ve lost faith in love, friendship and people. But you didn’t let that happen, you were wrong first, but are great now. That’s real heroism. I am a fan now.”

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