Shah Rukh Khan Once Landed In Controversy For Anti-Modi Comments On Twitter
Did You Know? Shah Rukh Khan Landed In Controversy For Anti-Modi Comments On Twitter(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Shah Rukh is one of the biggest stars of Bollywood and enjoys a massive fan following in India and abroad. While he has largely stayed away from making any comments related to politics, he landed into controversy. Scroll down to know more.

Back in 2014, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made a sweeping victory in the Lok Sabha polls under the leadership of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Reports on social media were plagued suggesting that SRK had once said he will leave India should Modi becomes PM.

A Shah Rukh Khan fan tried to clear the air by writing an open letter detailing that it was not SRK, but small-time actor Kamaal R Khan who had made the statement. In the letter, the fan wrote, “Mr Kamaal Khan, trying to gain mileage without using fuel, adapted a shortened version of his name, KRK, trying to sound similar to SRK. Mr Kamaal Khan is known for his controversial statements. Some days ago, he tweeted: ‘It’s my challenge to the entire world that if Modi ji will become next PM, then I will leave not only Twitter but India also forever.’ The pathetic part is, some illiterates (or literate hatemongers) could not differentiate the ‘S’ from the ‘K’ and thus began a series of unethical, untrue and immoral personal attacks on Mr Shah Rukh Khan.”

Even BJP dismissed the rumours clarifying that it was not SRK but KRK behind the statement. The latter even shared a tweet and wrote, “Ppl pls note I only said tat I will leave India if Modi Ji will become PM I have left India. SRK Salman or Aamir didn’t say anything at all.”

Kamal Khan’s tweet, “Is it true? SRK challenged to leave India or not?”, which created all the controversy. Following the controversy, he deleted the tweet later.

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