Yo Yo Honey Singh Revealed Shah Rukh Khan Delaying An Emirates Flight For 2.5 Hours For Their Meeting
Yo Yo Honey Singh Reveals Shah Rukh Khan Delaying An Emirates Flight(Pic credit – Yo Yo Honey Singh & Shah Rukh Khan/ Instagram )

Well, there have been quite a few stories when we get to hear about the crazy stardom of Shah Rukh Khan. But, one recently narrated by Honey Singh proves to be one of the most exciting stories. This is the time when Shah was starting the shoot of his Rohit Shetty film Chennai Express.

Honey Singh’s hard-to-forget about dance track Lungi Dance topped the playlists in the clubs for years to come. The song is still relevant, but it comes with an exciting tale about Honey come on-board to make the song.



In his conversation with Red FM, Yo Yo Honey Singh started the story by saying, “The best moment of career is meeting Shah Rukh Khan. I was doing a show in Goa, and a friend of mine called me and said Shah Rukh Khan wants to meet you. At first, I thought he is joking, but then he said he wants to have a conversation with you directly.”

This is the incident of 2013 in which the rapper was called to Mumbai from Goa. He continued, “I along with my friends (Alfaaz was also there) reached his place and as soon as he arrived, my legs started to tremble. But then we sat together, and it was a 30 minutes meeting maximum. His team did our takes from Goa to Mumbai, then Mumbai to Dubai in Emirates.”

What happened next will come as a surprise to many, Honey Singh said, “He said I’m doing a film, can you make a song and he started telling me the whole story and vibe of the film. The meeting which was scheduled for 15 minutes continued for 2 hours 45 minutes. We were about to miss the Dubai flight, but for me, he delayed the Emirates flight by two and a half hours. He got the flight delayed, didn’t cancel it. That’s the power of Shah Rukh Khan!”

“I have done a few shows with him, and people love him so much in Arab countries, Australia, New Zealand, America. It was a learning lesson,” concluded Yo Yo Honey Singh on Shah Rukh Khan.

Watch the video below:

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