When Shah Rukh Khan Hopefully Said "Let Me Come On A Wheel Chair For Don 3... Having Machine Guns" Sharing An Idea For A 90-Year-Old Don
Will Don 4 Have Shah Rukh Khan Joining The Don 3 Actor Ranveer Singh, Crazy Theory Goes Viral (Photo Credit – Instagram; IMDb)

Shah Rukh Khan fans had a heartquake when it was announced that Ranveer Singh will be replacing him in the Don franchise as the superstar has passed on the baton to the younger generation. However, it seems like SRK was very keen to play the lead in Don 3 but on his terms. A don, his age. A don who is cool at old age as well. He even pitched the idea to Farhan Akhtar according to his own admission!

In a viral video, SRK can be seen talking about Don 3 as passionately as possible, making the fans skip a heartbeat realising that he was as much attached to the series as them.

In the clip shared on an Instagram handle thesrkwarriors, Shah Rukh Khan says, “Lets make Don 3, Don 4, Don 5. I was telling Farhan the other day, let me come on a wheelchair, tang tang tang tadang dang dang (singing Don’s theme music), and I’m 90 years old and I have machine guns in the wheelchair. How he takes it out, and Don still will be cool, and you know and all his malls and girlfriends and..It may be an old-age-home Don heist film.”

The video is from a throwback interview and received mixed emotions from the netizens. People started creating fan theories around Don, starring both SRK and Don 3 lead actor Ranveer Singh. An Instagram user commented, “What if….Ranveer is just like a right hand of SRK in this film, and the movie somehow leads up to SRK being a part of it in Don 4…I’m just saying..”

Another comment could not bear the hope in SRK’s eyes when he talked about Don 3. The comment read, “It’s so sad to even see this clip cause look at him he was so passionate for DON.” Another comment echoed the same thought and wrote, “SRK was so in DON 3 just like US. He really wanted to do that role from the bottom of his heart. Still can’t accept that he is not gonna be a part of the DON franchise anymore. SRK – The Man, The Myth, The Legend.”

Some emotional fans still could not get over the fact that the replacement has been done and Shah Rukh Khan has moved on from this franchise. A fan commented, “Can we as an audience change the cast like how Hera Pheri 3 had to get Akshay when he said he isn’t a part of it . We can for srk.” Another comment read, “Don 3 for SRK is the same as Constantine 2 for Keanu Reeves. Sometimes you don’t get what you and the whole world wishes for.” Another angry fan wrote, “Y’all ruined Race franchise by replacing Saif Ali Khan in Race 3 . Why do you wanna ruin Don now.”

You can watch the clip here, where Shah Rukh Khan talks about Don 3 so engrossed.

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